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24.06.2020 Poles have been fascists and anti-Jewish since before WW II until today
  • Katehon - Arabic
  • Al-Binaa
Russia, US, Poland
30.08.2019 Rasputin was killed by the Anglo-Zionist Empire
  • Katehon - English
07.09.2018 Finns organised mass shootings of Soviet soldiers in Sandarmokh, Karelia
  • Komsomolskaya Pravda - Northern Europe
  • RIAFAN - Russian
Russia, Finland
16.09.2019 Poland is to blame for being attacked by Stalin in 1939
  • kp.ru
USSR, Germany, Poland
20.05.2020 The West belittles the greatness of victory of the USSR in the war
  • lenta.ru
19.06.2016 Baltic countries were not occupied in 1940, but returned to…
  • life.ru
USSR, Russia, Baltic states, US, France
11.09.2016 The army of the EU attacked the Soviet Union and…
  • lug-info.com
08.03.2018 Georgia freely joined the USSR
  • myvideo.ge Resource
12.06.2018 The Bilderberg Group is preparing a “great war” against Russia in Turin
  • napimigrans.info
31.10.2019 Russophobic and Nazi Ukraine will be destroyed by Russia
  • News agency REX
USSR, Russia, Ukraine