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15.04.2020 Washington backed the demolition of the statue to Soviet commander in Prague
  • tvzvezda.ru
  • Radio Sputnik RIA
  • Ura.news
Czech Republic, Russia, US
16.04.2020 The US is behind the removal of konev’s monument in Prague
  • RIAFAN - Russian
Czech Republic, US
29.04.2020 The Skripal affair was forgotten because after two years no essential evidence was found
  • News Front - French
Czech Republic, UK, Russia
17.09.2019 The purpose of removing the monument to Marshall konev is to induce hatred towards Russia
  • Sputnik Czech
Czech Republic, Russia
13.09.2019 The konev monument: A small clique of junior officials have created this international row
  • ren.tv
Czech Republic, Russia
24.09.2020 The aim of the konev Monument removal is to humiliate Russia and damage its prestige
  • Ritm Evrazii
Czech Republic, Russia
13.09.2019 Removal of the monument to Marshall konev is a violation of the Czech-Russian agreement of 1993
  • REN-TV
Czech Republic, Russia
05.04.2020 Removal of Soviet Marshal konev’s statue in Prague is immoral and illegal
  • Rossia 24 - YouTube
Czech Republic, Russia
08.04.2020 Removal of konev statue in Prague is rewriting of history
  • Sputnik Arabic - (sptnkne.ws)
  • urdupoint.com
  • The Nation Press Arab
Czech Republic, Russia
02.05.2020 Removal of konev monument insults the Elbe Day and joint fight against coronavirus
  • News agency REX
Czech Republic, Russia, US