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19.01.2016 Armenian experts link the spreading of H1N1 virus and acute…
  • Sputnik Georgia
Armenia, Georgia
26.02.2017 Dangerous experiments are performed on humans at lugar Lab
  • Saqartvelo da Msoflio (printed newspaper)
Russia, Georgia
12.09.2017 A secret US lab in Georgia might be spreading deadly pathogens against Russian interests
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Georgia’s breakaway South Ossetia
13.09.2017 American laboratory in Georgia creates biological weapons
  • Georgian and the World (printed newspaper)
US, Georgia
22.04.2018 Those who live near the lugar Laboratory in Tbilisi are under a big risk
  • Asaval-Dasavali on mediamonitoring.ge
US, Georgia
22.04.2018 Next to lugar’s Laboratory in Tbilisi children with anomalies are born
  • Asaval-Dasavali on mediamonitoring.ge
US, Georgia
12.09.2018 A network of US military laboratories deployed across Georgia to deal with biological weapons
  • Sputnik English
  • Rossia 24 - YouTube
US, Georgia
14.09.2018 US prepares biological weapons against Russia
  • tvzvezda.ru
Russia, US, Georgia
03.10.2018 Cancer, syphilis and “Spanish flu” are US biological weapons
  • mir24.tv
04.10.2018 Americans experimented on people in Georgia
  • vesti.ru
Russia, US, Georgia