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20.10.2016 Ukraine will have to return Lviv to poland because recognition of MRP
  • ukraina.ru
  • antifashist.com
Ukraine, Poland
08.09.2016 Head of the Political Committee of the Polish Ministry of…
  • Baltnews Lithuania
Russia, Poland
02.09.2016 Lviv oblast is becoming an American colony
  • cont.ws
Romania, Ukraine, US, Poland
29.08.2016 poland will build a wall on its borders to keep…
  • tvzvezda.ru
Ukraine, Poland
26.08.2016 The West is ready for the partition of Ukraine
  • svpressa.ru
Ukraine, Poland
20.08.2016 Polish economy has deteriorated because of Russian sanctions on Polish…
  • finobzor.ru
Russia, Poland
07.07.2016 General Mirosław Różański calls American forces homosexuals and transvestites
  • dziennik-polityczny.com
US, Poland
15.06.2016 The US led a coup in Ukraine
  • New World Order Opposition
  • paulcraigroberts.com
Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland
14.06.2016 NATO [Anakonda] exercises are a Polish provocation aimed at Russia
  • Russian International Affairs Council
Russia, Poland
11.06.2016 NATO military exercise on the territory of poland is in…
  • politikus.ru
Ukraine, Poland