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18.10.2016 The radical right group Right Sector brutally assaulted a group...
  • Kharkov
  • Zvezda
  • REN TV
  • news.sputnik.ru
18.10.2016 The efforts of the US-led coalition against Daesh in Mosul are Clinton's presidential campaign
  • Parlamentní listy
Iraq, US, Syria
18.10.2016 The Russian Air Force is being accused of atrocities in Syria without proof
  • New World Order Opposition
Russia, US, Syria
17.10.2016 Ukraine's sanctions against Russia are running the country's own economy...
  • Ria Novosti
Russia, Ukraine
16.10.2016 International MH17 investigation team ignores Russian radar data
  • RIA Novosti
16.10.2016 The US demands that Russia makes concessions that Moscow cannot...
  • Vesti nedeli
Russia, US, Syria
16.10.2016 Information warfare is a major component of the struggle between...
  • Vremya pokazhet (1:27:48)
Russia, Ukraine, US, Georgia, Syria
16.10.2016 The war in Syria has been provoked by the West...
  • Vremya pokazhet (41:08)
Iran, Russia, Syria
16.10.2016 The West has unleashed a war in Syria to send...
  • Vremya pokazhet (49:21)
Russia, Syria
16.10.2016 The West accuses Russia of war crimes in Syria to...
  • Odnako
  • Pervyi kanal
Russia, US, Syria