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05.04.2015 The war in Ukraine is directed solely against Russia
  • Alexander Goncharov (historian) on Yury Kotenok's video blog
Russia, Ukraine
07.11.2015 Estonia is infringing on media freedom with the ban of...
  • sputniknews.com
Russia, Estonia
20.11.2015 This Week's Trend: Crimean Tatars leaders sell weapons to ISIS
  • "Novorossiya" VK page
10.12.2015 The Ukrainian Agony. The Hidden War
  • "Novorossiya News"
  • YouTube channel
16.12.2015 National TV and Radio Company of Ukraine is directed by...
  • "Soviet Novorossiya"
  • VK group
Ukraine, US
17.12.2015 Maidan was a coup. After banning the Communist Party of...
  • "Polit Navigator"
  • YouTube channel // "Soviet Novorossiya"
  • VK group
06.01.2016 USA supported and still supports pro-fascist movement in Ukraine
  • Novorossiya.today
Latvia, Ukraine, Baltic states, Estonia, Lithuania, US
11.01.2016 President Petro Proshenko's chocolate company produces chocolates with pictures of...
  • geopolitical.ru
  • rusnext.ru
  • bit.ly
  • novorossia-novosti.com
  • donbass.ua
  • uapress.info
  • timer-odessa.net
Russia, Ukraine
11.01.2016 2016 will be decisive for one of the parts of...
  • vz.ru
13.01.2016 Ukraine is the new base for ISIS fighters
  • "Information agency of Novorossiya"
  • YouTube channel
Iraq, Ukraine, Syria