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15.02.2021 Baltic states continuously obstruct work of Russian media
  • Sputnik Lithuania - Russian
  • Sputnik Lithuania
15.02.2021 Donbass is part of “Greater Russia”
  • Moskva 24
Russia, Ukraine
09.02.2021 NATO instructed Navalny followers to organise the next illegal protests in Russia
  • Sputnik Poland
  • Rossiya 1
EU, UK, Russia, US, Poland
01.02.2021 There is no proof about what happened to Litvinenko and the Skripals
  • Vecher s Vladimirom Solovyovym @Rossiya 1
UK, Russia
13.01.2021 Latvia is persecuting Russian media
  • RT Germany - YouTube
Latvia, Russia
11.01.2021 There is no unity in the West on whether to recognise elections in Belarus
  • 60 minut @Rossiya 1 - YouTube
EU, Belarus
09.01.2021 The Biden family is personally interested in putting Donbas on its knees
  • News Front - Hungarian
Ukraine, US
08.12.2020 Ukraine no longer hides preparations for war against Russia and Donbas
  • Vecher s Vladimirom Solovyovym @Rossiya 1
  • politnavigator.net
Russia, Ukraine
04.12.2020 The prosecution of Baltnews and Sputnik Latvia is merely Russophobia
  • Sputnik Germany
Latvia, Russia
05.11.2020 2020 US Presidential election was the dirtiest in history
  • 60 minut @Rossiya 1 - YouTube