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08.04.2020 US arrested the creator of the coronavirus, an American who worked at Wuhan lab
  • TVC
China, US
08.04.2020 Coronavirus could have been produced by the US as a biological weapon
  • Geopolitica.ru - Italian
China, Iran, US
02.04.2020 EU tries to finish off with Italy amid coronavirus, because the country opposed Russia sanctions
  • Pervyi Kanal
Italy, Germany, France
28.03.2020 US sanctions contribute to coronavirus pandemic
  • RT Russia
Iran, Russia, US
28.03.2020 EU is helpless against the coronavirus
  • Pervyi Kanal - YouTube
26.03.2020 White Helmets use COVID-19 crisis to further US coalition regime change agenda in Syria
  • RT English
US, Syria
24.03.2020 Italians change EU flags to Russian tricolor
  • politikus.ru
  • GosNovosti
  • x-true.info
  • life.ru
EU, Italy
23.03.2020 Western sanctions are a result of Crimea’s return to Russia
  • RT web Arabic
  • saadaonline
  • akhbarlibya
  • kol-masr
  • sada-ar
  • rtarab
  • shamra
  • almarsad
  • thawra
  • lebanon24
Russia, Ukraine
22.03.2020 Italy tightened sanctions on the Russian people
  • Sputnik Arabic
  • New Hub
  • albidda.net
Italy, Russia, Ukraine
18.03.2020 Germany called for lifting sanctions against Russia because of coronavirus
  • Sputnik Georgia - Russian