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04.01.2021 ukraine can soon collapse and lose East and South of the country granted by Lenin in 1918
  • antimaydan.info
  • politnavigator.net
04.01.2021 ukraine has no other option besides Sputnik V
  • rusvesna.su
Russia, Ukraine
04.01.2021 Poland and Lithuania will continue their active interference in the situation in Belarus
  • Sputnik Poland
EU, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland
04.01.2021 Russia is not a party of the conflict in ukraine at all
  • RT Germany
Russia, Ukraine, Germany
04.01.2021 Ukrainians will die because they gave up the Sputnik V vaccine
  • News Front - Bulgarian
  • News Front - Bulgarian
EU, Russia, Ukraine, US
02.01.2021 ukraine refusal to register Sputnik V will show criminal intention against its own citizens
  • Sputnik Abkhazia - Russian
Russia, Ukraine
30.12.2020 The rejection of the Russian vaccine is a planned destruction of the Ukrainian people
  • News Front - Russian
China, Russia, Ukraine
30.12.2020 Crimea democratically voted for reunification with Russia
  • Sputnik Armenia - Russian
Russia, Ukraine
29.12.2020 Zelenskyy and Erdogan are planning a war on Donbas
  • rusvesna.su
Turkey, Ukraine
29.12.2020 Rejection of Sputnik V is a planned operation to kill Ukrainians
  • rusvesna.su
Russia, Ukraine