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09.10.2019 The war against Donbas people is waged by successors of the Hitlerites
  • Sputnik Belarus @ Gorizont Sobytiy time 04:00 - 05:50
  • 06:30 - 06:53
  • 08:24 - 08:40
Russia, Ukraine
10.09.2019 The USA supported an unconstitutional coup d'etat in ukraine in February 2014
  • RT Germany - YouTube
Russia, Ukraine, US
05.09.2019 Western media ignore key role of neo-nazis in Maidan and war in Eastern ukraine
  • RT English
12.08.2019 Rebellion in Crimea and Donbas against nazis ruined NATO plans for a military base in Crimea
  • Vmeste s Rossiyey
Russia, Ukraine
21.07.2019 nazis are still in power in ukraine
  • Rossia 24 - YouTube
15.07.2019 No links between Donbas militants and neo-nazis
  • RT English
Russia, Ukraine
09.07.2019 We have nazis in ukraine, not in Russia
  • RT France - YouTube
Russia, Ukraine
02.06.2019 Jewish prime minister and president of ukraine are a cover up for country's nazism
  • Rossia 24 - YouTube
06.05.2019 The EU continues the aggressive policies of Nazi Germany
  • Together with Russia
Russia, Ukraine, Baltic states, Germany
04.05.2019 ukraine and Belarus will avoid sliding into nazism only if they become parts of Russia
  • News agency REX
  • Oko Planet
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus