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22.09.2019 ukraine would apply to join the United States
  • Vecher s Vladimirom Solovyovym @ Rossiya 1 (43:00 -43:15)
Ukraine, US
15.02.2016 Poland, Hungary and romania have territorial claims against ukraine
  • ukraina.ru
Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Poland
21.09.2017 Latvia and Estonia have claims for Russian territories, Poland wants to seize ukraine and Belarus, romania Transnistria
  • TVC
Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Baltic states, Estonia, Belarus, Poland
03.06.2019 The collapse of ukraine would be a chance for a “Greater romania
  • Tsargrad TV
  • Rosbalt
Romania, Ukraine, US, Poland
04.12.2019 The Union State of Belarus and Russia saves post-Soviet countries from pro-fascist West
  • Together with Russia
Romania, Czech Republic, Latvia, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, US, Poland
17.04.2016 The US agrees to divide ukraine between Russia, Poland, Hungary…
  • tele8.ru
Hungary, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, US, Poland
20.06.2016 romanians living in ukraine are demanding autonomy
  • TASS - Russian
Romania, Ukraine
18.03.2019 Crimean reunification with Russia prevented it from becoming a US protectorate
  • Sputnik Spain
  • Sputnik Spain
Russia, Ukraine
09.10.2019 Blocking Crimea, the new NATO/US strategy in the Black Sea
  • Sputnik Spain
Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine
10.11.2020 CIA will try to repeat a Maidan scenario in Belarus
  • Sputnik Poland
Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland