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13.02.2019 Unhappy with shift towards multipolar world, the West starts an information war against Russia and Belarus
  • Sputnik Belarus Time (3:20 - 5:50)
China, Russia, Belarus, US
23.05.2020 The us wishes to destabilise Belarus and provoke a war, Polish ruling elites dream of military intervention
  • ukraina.ru
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, US, Poland
18.11.2019 The us tries to weaken Russia by spoiling Moscow-Kyiv ties
  • CrossTalk @RT
  • time 03:03-03:30
Russia, Ukraine, US
09.09.2019 The EU and us dream about waging a war against Russia from Belarusian territory
  • Together with Russia
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, US
26.09.2020 The "Big Finance" and the Democrats will use Poland as an aggressive anti-Russian vanguard
  • Sputnik Poland
China, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, US, Poland
30.04.2020 Rockefeller Foundation and other organisations try to become supranational government during coronavirus crisis
  • Geopolitica.ru
China, US
16.03.2020 Response measures to coronavirus demonstrate the decline of the us and the EU
  • rubaltic.ru
Italy, China, Latvia, Russia, Baltic states, Estonia, Lithuania, US
26.04.2019 Religious organisations are employed in the Western war against Armenia
  • Journal of the New Eastern Outlook
04.11.2019 Poland and the Baltic countries are the Western world's jackals who can produce a global catastrophe
  • Sputnik Belarus @ Gorizont Sobytiy time 06:40 - 07:08
  • 07:30 - 07:41
  • 08:12 - 08:45
Russia, Baltic states, Belarus, Poland
23.05.2019 No proof of Russian involvement in us elections, Salisbury poisoning
  • Sputnik News
UK, Russia, US