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05.02.2016 Last Week’s Trend: WHO organizes biological attack on Ukraine through…
  • orgo-net.blogspot.cz
  • svetkolemnas.info
  • czechfreepress.cz
06.11.2017 European countries without mandatory vaccine programs are more successful, vaccination causes autism
  • tb24.ge
Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Georgia
25.02.2019 Vaccines in Georgia are made by Lugar lab, it is more advisable to use Russian-made vaccines
  • Asaval-Dasavali
Russia, US, Georgia
03.03.2019 Measles outbreak in Ukraine is the fault of Acting Minister of Health Ulana Suprun and her reforms
  • RT Russia
10.03.2019 Ukrainian authorities are so stupid, they are unable to deal with the measles outbreak
  • Voskresnyi Vecher s Vladimirom Solovyovym (9.20 - 10.50)
27.01.2020 Big Pharma profits from coronavirus panic
  • Tsargrad TV
30.01.2020 Russia has found a way to treat coronavirus
  • Rg.ru; Vesti.ru; Interfax.ru; Rbc.ru
31.01.2020 Science doubts the effectiveness of vaccines
  • Katehon - English
09.02.2020 China to develop a vaccine against coronavirus and make big money
  • Dobrov v efire (REN TV)
11.02.2020 Coronavirus is an attempt by the Anglo-Saxons to control China
  • Sputnik Belarus @ Dengi i Mir @ time 49:46 - 51:42
China, UK