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12.01.2021 The EU stances on the assault of the US Capitol and on Juan Guaidó show its double standards
EU, Venezuela, US
07.12.2020 Elections in venezuela were free and fair
  • Sputnik Greece
20.11.2020 Trump’s claims of foreign interference in 2020 are as absurd as where those of the Democrats in 2016
  • RT Spanish
China, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, US
18.11.2020 Voting systems were designed to be hacked and were used by Biden to win the election
  • RT France - YouTube
  • RT France - Facebook
Venezuela, US
09.11.2020 The United States is a failed state and is unable to control its own electoral process
  • Geopolitica.ru - Italian
  • Geopolitica.ru - English
09.11.2020 Juan Guaido and Svetlana Tikhanovskaya are American and Western puppets
  • Geopolitica.ru - Italian
  • Geopolitica.ru - English
EU, Venezuela, Belarus, US
24.10.2020 The US aims to take Russia out of the post-Soviet space following a RAND corporation plan
  • Sputnik Spain
  • Sputnik Spain
  • Geopolitica.ru - Spanish, Castilian
Kyrgyzstan, EU, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Russia, Belarus, US
18.10.2020 Sputnik V criticism is pure politics
  • Alalam TV
  • alarabi.press
  • albaosala.net
  • albidda.net
  • alyemennews.com
  • farhangeeslami.com
  • Sputnik Arabic
  • arabicradio.net
  • cipalgerie.com
  • dmcnews.org
  • iraqnews-in.com
  • lomazoma.com
  • multies.net
  • news.albraq-news.com
  • newsformy.com
  • rasd.news
  • thenationpress.com
  • thenationpress.com
  • Theworldnews.net
  • wakalaagency.com
Venezuela, Russia
10.10.2020 Without Russia, there would be no peace since The West only causes chaos and wars
  • Sputnik Czech
Venezuela, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Syria
24.09.2020 The authors of the UN Human Rights report on venezuela lack moral authority
  • Sputnik Spain