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01.03.2019 Infiltrated US marine ‘caught’ in the barricades in venezuela
  • Sputnik Spain
19.08.2020 Interference in Belarus follows a similar model to the one used in venezuela
  • Sputnik Spain
Venezuela, Belarus
09.11.2020 Juan Guaido and Svetlana Tikhanovskaya are American and Western puppets
  • Geopolitica.ru - Italian
  • Geopolitica.ru - English
EU, Venezuela, Belarus, US
06.12.2019 Juan Guaidó involved in the big corruption scheme known as ‘Operation Green Suitcase’
  • RT Spanish - YouTube
09.02.2019 Large number of MEPs did not vote for anti-Maduro resolution
  • myvideo.ge Resource
25.04.2019 Macron interferes in Ukraine in favour of fascists
  • RT France - YouTube
Venezuela, Ukraine, Syria, France
04.12.2019 Macron’s friends abroad are fascists, he promotes corporate multinational interests
  • Sputnik French @ time 14:35 - 15:45
Bolivia, Venezuela, France
29.01.2019 Masonic-Jesuit conspiracy is behind the situation in venezuela
  • ren.tv
Venezuela, US
25.03.2019 NATO is the ‘North Atlantic Terror Organisation’
  • RT Germany - YouTube
17.04.2020 Now that US shale oil is bankrupt, Trump may attack venezuela
  • News Front - Spanish
Venezuela, US