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19.11.2019 Washington has intervened in Bolivia
  • Voenno Promyshlenyi Kurier
Bolivia, US
13.11.2019 Will Bolsonaro Be Spared From The ‘South American Spring’?
  • One World
Brazil, US
12.11.2019 Washington stages coups attempts against leftist leaders of Latin America
  • SouthFront - English
Bolivia, Venezuela, US
12.11.2019 The coup in Bolivia resembles other colour revolutions
  • 60 minut @Rossiya 1 - YouTube
Bolivia, US
11.11.2019 Bolivia and venezuela: Two countries, same US-promoted hybrid war
  • One World
11.11.2019 Colour revolutions have been promoted by neo-liberal elites, including through war
  • Geopolitica.ru - Italian
Venezuela, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia
15.10.2019 Colour revolutions are used by the West to interfere in the affairs of sovereign states
  • RT Arabic
Venezuela, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia
02.10.2019 Russo-Georgian war was a war for independence
  • Sputnik Arabic - (sptnkne.ws)
Russia, Georgia
26.09.2019 The US benefits from the attack on the Saudi oil facility
  • SouthFront - English
Iran, US, Saudi Arabia
17.09.2019 G7 countries are either insignificant or not fully sovereign
  • Together with Russia
Canada, Italy, UK, Russia, US, Germany, France