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14.05.2020 The invasion of venezuela was planned by Guaidó and the White House
  • News Front - Bulgarian
Venezuela, US
13.06.2019 The European Parliament supports Nicolás Maduro
  • myvideo.ge Resource
21.05.2019 The EU triggered conflict in Ukraine in 2014
  • Sputnik Germany
12.01.2021 The EU stances on the assault of the US Capitol and on Juan Guaidó show its double standards
EU, Venezuela, US
01.02.2019 The EU is dependent on US-foreign policy
  • RT Germany - YouTube
29.04.2020 The EU doesn’t provide venezuela with humanitarian aid
  • RT France - YouTube
EU, Venezuela
12.11.2019 The coup in Bolivia resembles other colour revolutions
  • 60 minut @Rossiya 1 - YouTube
Bolivia, US
10.04.2020 The coronavirus infection on a US aircraft carrier jeopardises the invasion of venezuela
  • Sputnik Spain
Venezuela, Iran, China, US
24.02.2019 The Bulgarian people support venezuela
  • News Front - Hungarian
Venezuela, US
29.07.2019 The blackout in venezuela on July 22 was caused by a US spy plane
  • RT Spanish - Facebook
  • RT Spanish