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EUvsDisinfo goes to Georgia!

November 18, 2019

ქართული ვერსიის სანახავად მიჰყევით

Pro-Kremlin disinformation messages have been surfacing in Georgia for a long time, targeting Georgian sovereignty, its values and European aspirations.

During the week between 18-23 November 2019, we will be looking very closely at what has been happening in Georgia, as strategic communication experts, EU officials, diplomats, young professionals, civil society and media from across the European Union, the Eastern Partnership countries, Western Balkans and the Middle East and North Africa region gather in Tbilisi for the “Disinfo Alert!” conference.

In addition to the conference, we will be working with the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia and many other stakeholders from international and Georgian institutions to representatives of the education sector and clergy – to discuss disinformation tactics, messages, and most importantly – the ways to address this challenge together.

All the events are organised by the European External Action Service and the EU delegation in Georgia, together with the Government of Georgia, the Parliament of Georgia, the Information Centre on NATO and EU together with the coalition of non-profit organisations: the Center for Development and Democracy (CDD), Sector 3 – Hub for Development and Endowment “ProDemos”.

The strategic communication week in Georgia builds on the EU Action Plan against Disinformation to better understand the threat of pro-Kremlin disinformation across the EU neighbourhood and strengthen a joint response.

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Our hashtag for the week is #DisinfoAlert!

By the end of the week, you will learn:

  • How disinformation targeted Georgia a century ago and why it is relevant today;
  • What is Lugar Lab and how it ended up in headlines of pro-Kremlin outlets, trying to play on the audiences’ fears;
  • What does Georgia have to do with the Antichrist, according to the Russian TV;
  • Why the EUvsDisinfo database comprises over 300 pro-Kremlin disinformation cases targeting Georgia and spreading untruths about and within the country – from spreading killer mosquitoes to organizing provocations against Russia;
  • How Georgians successfully continue to challenge disinformation campaigns.

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And in the meantime, read more about one of the flagships of the pro-Kremlin disinformation – Sputnik and its operations in Georgia; and see our new guide to public communicators on how to recognize and respond to pro-Kremlin disinformation, which we will present in Georgia too.

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