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How pro-Kremlin outlets abuse the tragedy of terror

April 16, 2017

After every terror attack, the reaction is sadly the same. Pro-Kremlin outlets all over Europe start spreading conspiracy theories accusing various European governments, or the EU, or the US of false flag operations. In the upside-down world of disinformation-oriented pseudo-media, it is always someone in the West who is responsible for every tragedy of this kind – except when they claim, perversely, that the tragedy never happened and was in fact only staged by evil western governments trying to manipulate their populations.

The most recent case of this was the terror attack in Sweden. In the days after, manipulated images, false statements and conspiracy theories were spread, claiming that the attack in Stockholm was a false flag operation to hide that the US had attacked a Syrian airbase, or that it was organised by the Swedish Social democrats to ensure that the current Prime Minister would be re-elected as the leader of the party, among other things.

In the course of our Disinformation Review project, we have seen this kind of “reporting” many times. The tactics never change – the aim is to spread conflicting versions of events, sow doubt and mistrust, and create an environment where the average news consumer ends up saying: “There are too many versions of what could have happened, I will never know the truth.”

See below an overview of how various pro-Kremlin outlets (be they websites and blogs in various languages, or even major TV debates on Russian state channels) have covered the terror attacks that have happened in the last 15 months. Not a single item on this list was proven to be true. They are all deliberately spread false information.

– 12.11.2015: Western secret services, and probably Qatar, ordered the terrorist attack on the Russian Airbus. They will wait some time and repeat it.
– 13.11.2015: Terrorists who caused the Russian A321 jet to crash may have received advanced anti-aircraft weapons from the CIA.
– 14.11.2015: the US is sponsoring ISIS and it funded terrorist attacks on Paris “to teach Europe a lesson in obedience”.
– 16.11.2015: Mainstream media are lying, the Paris attacks were planned by the French government in order to strengthen its position against Marine Le Pen’s National Front.
– 19.11.2015: Video shows how Paris shooter spared lives of two women – in fact his gun jammed, but the story is used to claim the attacks were staged.
– 02.12.2015: Paris attacks on Charlie Hebdo were staged. All NATO countries lie that they fight terrorism, they sponsor and manage terrorists.
– 17.01.2016: The US support Islamic terrorists all over the world. (time 02:30)
– 21.01.2016: Turkey created ISIS. Last week’s terrorist attacks in Istanbul were organised in order to mask this fact and show the outside world that Turkey is a victim of ISIS, not its director.
– 24.01.2016: The Americans have legalised terrorism and have made it a method of world events. (time 03:57)
– 06.02.2016: In 2016, there will be terror attacks in Crimea. The leader of the Crimean Tatars Dzhemilev and Turkish President Erdogan will receive so many guns they will turn Crimea into a new Chechnya. Dzhemilev already received 3,000 ISIS fighters. Soon, these fighters will enter Crimea, organised by American “hawks” and the European Parliament.
– 10.02.2016: the White House uses terrorism as a major mechanism of its foreign policy.
– 09.03.2016: US authorities are preparing to commit acts of terrorism against their own population to ensure the country’s geopolitical interests.
– 22.03.2016: The EU and Chancellor Angela Merkel are responsible for the Brussels terror attacks as the perpetrators were Muslim immigrants.
– 22.03.2016: Angela Merkel is responsible for the terrorist attacks in Brussels, because she carried out talks with Erdogan, who is the creator of Daesh. (time 01:13:16)
– 22.03.2016: Democracy always leads to terror. It gave birth to Hitler as well as to Muslim extremism. (time 01:17:56)
– 23.03.2016: The Brussels bombings were false flag operations intended to create a European police state. There is no proof that Daesh conducted the attacks.
– 26.03.2016: Angela Merkel has a selfie with the suicide bomber from Brussels. or
– 27.03.2016: Europe is responsible for the terrorist attacks in Brussels, because EU countries are behaving arrogantly (toward Russia) and refuse to cooperate in the fight against terror. (time 16:54)
– 28.03.2016: The terrorist attacks in Brussels were just theatre, they could have been planned by Turkey in cooperation with Daesh and agents amongst the Brussels elites.
– 28.03.2016: European law enforcement agencies would not have been able to identify the perpetrators of terrorist attacks if they themselves had not been involved.
– 29.03.2016: Most of the terrorist attacks and other incidents are staged. There was an exercise carried out in the London Underground at the end of February. Such exercises are carried out so that the elites can prepare for staging more attacks.
– 30.03.2016: The attacks in Brussels were part of NATO’s so-called “Gladio plan”, which is aimed at legitimizing NATO in the eyes of US and European politicians.
– 30.03.2016: The pictures of basketball player Sebastien Bellin who was allegedly injured during the Brussels attacks prove that the attacks were staged.
– 05.04.2016: The CIA is preparing terrorist attacks in the Czech Republic between 4 and 11 April 2016.
– 01.07.2016: All Muslims are terrorists and benefit scroungers. Paying welfare benefits for not working and paying benefits on their numerous wives has caused terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels. (time 12:02)
– 03.07.2016: ISIS terrorist Ahmed Chataev (ISIS warlord behind Istanbul attacks) is linked to Ukrainian nationalists.
– 15.07.2016: The terror attack in Nice is a direct consequence of France not accepting the conditions of TTIP.
– 11.09.2016: Bin Laden never claimed responsibility for the 9/11 terror act and it is the US that has benefited from the 9/11 attacks. (time 31:36, 32:50)
– 12.09.2016: The 9/11 terrorist attack in the US was organised by the security services of the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel. (time 02:20)
– 09.01.2017: The latest series of terrorist attacks in Turkey (31. 12. – Istanbul, 5. 1. – Izmir) were orchestrated by agents of Western secret services.
– 06.03.2017: Ukraine is preparing Shahids (= term for Muslims who have died when fulfilling a religious commandment, especially jihad) for terror attacks in Russia. Ukrainian volunteer battalions are the same as moderate Syrian opposition and suicide attack terrorists from all Middle East. The Ukrainian terrorists plan to blow themselves up in the centre of Moscow.
– 29.03.2017: The London terrorist attack of 22 March might have been coordinated by the Brussels elites to deter Theresa May from triggering Brexit.


Manipulation and misuse of images from terror crime scenes in Stockholm and London. (Image: Twitter/Dagens Nyheter)