An issue which kept the humoristic side of Russian debates alive last week was a comment made by President Putin at a conference, in which he said that foreign powers secretly and suspiciously collect samples of “biological material” from Russian citizens. The Moscow Times reported the story, throwing light on the alarmist twist the true story gained in the President’s comments.

Above, Russian cartoonist Sergey Elkin reinterpreted a famous Soviet poster, which originally warns Soviet citizens against foreign spies, with a new text: “Don’t throw your biological material around!” – with the woman’s finger moved slightly up from an original “hush” gesture and into her nose. Below, the same cartoonist shows how a Russian senior citizen is about to hand in his biological material to Uncle Sam.

The comment was made the same week when the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson referred to images allegedly showing Osama bin Laden together with Hillary Clinton in the White House as if they were authentic. As the BBC reported, they were not.

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