Introductions and general descriptions

Anatomy of an Info-War: How Russia’s Propaganda Machine Works, and How to Counter It
by Ben Nimmo, StopFake

The Menace of Unreality: How the Kremlin Weaponizes Information, Culture and Money
by Peter Pomerantsev and Michael Weiss, The Interpreter, a project of the Institute of Modern Russia (.pdf)

Information at War: From China’s Three Warfares to NATO’s Narratives
by Laura Jackson, Timothy Thomas, Mark Laity and Ben Nimmo, Legatum Institute

Winning the Information War
by Edward Lucas and Peter Pomerantsev, CEPA

Russia’s ‘New’ Tools for Confronting the West: Continuity and Innovation in Moscow’s Exercise of Power
by Keir Giles, Chatham House

New Research Division Publication – Handbook of Russian Information Warfare
by Keir Giles, NATO Defense College

COMMENTARY: Means, goals and consequences of the pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign
by East Stratcom Task Force

Fake news: Why the West is blind to Russia’s propaganda today
by Chris Zappone, Sydney Morning Herald

Click for regime change
by Luke Harding, Prospect Magazine

by Andrew Weisburd, Clint Watts and JM Berger, War on the Rocks

Disinformation: A Primer In Russian Active Measures And Influence Campaigns
by Clint Watts (.pdf), Statement Prepared for the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing

How Ukraine Was The Testing Lab For Russia’s Information War Against The United States
by Yevhen Fedchenko, Hromadske Radio

Fog of Falsehood: Russian Strategy of Deception and the Conflict in Ukraine
by Katri Pynnöniemi and András Rácz, Finnish Institute of International Affairs

Nine Lessons of Russian Propaganda
by Roman Skaskiw, Small Wars Journal

A guide to Russian propaganda. Part 1: Propaganda prepares Russia for war
by Euromaidan Press

The Next Phase of Russian Information Warfare
by Keir Giles, NATO StratCom Centre of Excellence

This Is How Russia Implants ‘Alternative Facts’ Over Europe
by Hromadske International

Inside Russia’s Fake News Playbook
by Clint Watts, Daily Beast

‘Fake News’ And The EU’s Response
by Naja Bentzen, European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS)

Inside Russia’s propaganda machine
by PBS Newshour

How are Societies Defended against Hybrid Threats?

by Geneva Centre for Security Policy

Russia’s Hybrid Warfare In The East: Using The Information Sphere As Integral To Hybrid Warfare

by Sascha-Dominik Oliver Vladimir Bachmann

Information warfare. Journalists are the target, manipulation is a tool

by Edyta Żemła,

Rusia se apunta a la guerra híbrida

by Nicolás de Pedro, CIBOB

Conventional bedfellows: The Russian propaganda machine and the western far right

by Anton Shekhovtsov, Eurozine

The ‘combination’: an instrument in Russia’s information war in Catalonia

by Mira Milosevich-Juaristi, Real Instituto Elcano

Countering Russian Information Operations in the Age of Social Media

by Keir Giles, Council Foreign Relations

A Guide to Russia’s High Tech Tool Box for Subverting US Democracy

by Garrett M.Graff, WIRED

The (almost) complete history of ‘fake news’

by Mike Wendling, BBC

Russian Influence Campaigns against the West: From the Cold War to Putin

by Kevin N. McCauley

Propaganda in a Fake News World

by Vasily Gatov, Intersection

Russia’s Full Spectrum Propaganda

by @DFRLab

Russian disinformation distorts American and European democracy

by The Economist

Cheerful Propaganda and Hate on Command

by Jochen Bittner, Arndt Ginzel and Alexej Hock, Zeit