Online resources

Verifying content

Google News Lab’s Fundamentals Course – allows to verify the content.

Jeffrey’s EXIF Viewer – allows analysis of photographs, including any included metadata. Will not work very well with photographs downloaded directly from social media (e.g. Facebook), as most social media sites will strip the photograph of its metadata and resize it to fit their site’s parameters.

TinEye – allows reverse search of photographs to find original date of upload for duplicate photographs.

Google Image Search – allows reverse search of photographs, like with Tineye. On Chrome, you can right-click a photograph and select “Search Google for image.”

Amnesty International’s YouTube DataViewer – shows you a YouTube video’s exact upload date and time and the thumbnails used with the video. By reverse image searching the thumbnails, you can locate any other uploads of the same video.

SunCalc – analysis of shadows. Difficult to use at first, but can be very useful to determine approximate time of photograph or video if there is a clear shadow visible.

Geolocating photographs and videos and satellite services

Wikimapia – use different satellite and mapping services on a map. Crowdsourced/user-generated input and descriptions of locations.

Google Street View – street-level photographs

Yandex Panoramas – street-level photographs with greater availability in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

Digital Globe – private company that sells satellite imagery. Allows low-resolution preview of any of their imagery through searching database. Majority of Google Earth imagery is from them.

Terraserver – another satellite imagery service where you can preview satellite images without purchasing.

Kosmosnimki – Russian service that collects publicly-available satellite imagery and previews and overlays on map, per user-inputted parameters.

Tracking planes and marine vessels

Marine Traffic – can trace boats, including military ships, cargo ships, yachts, etc.

Flight Radar 24 – can trace all commercial airliners and most private jets, along with many military cargo planes.

Flight Aware – same services as Flight Radar 24

Plane Spotters – large database of user-submitted photographs of planes taking off, landing, and being stored at airports and air bases around the world.

Corruption-focused resources

OCCRP Investigative Dashboard – free, open database that allows you to search hundreds of thousands of files and thousands of databases for information on individuals and companies.

Ukraine Register of Non-Government Organizations – public database of NGOs registered in Ukraine

Ukraine Register of Public Procurements – public database of public procurements distributed in Ukraine. Website available in Ukrainian, Russian, and English.

Archiving Services

Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine – longest-running and most trusted archival service, with pages going back over 10 years. Will save a page onto a neutral, 3rd-party website that anyone can access. The service sometimes struggles to properly archive web pages hosted on social networks.

Archive Today – newer archival service that allows you to save a site on its neutral, 3rd-party site, and lets you download an entire page as a JPEG screenshot. Handles social network pages much better than