Case studies & long-term fakes

“Ukraine and ISIS” fakes

Fake “Islamic Battalion” Arrives in Mariupol
by @DFRLab

Искусство фейка: как арт-центр в Донецке превратили в “базу ИГИЛ”
by Андрей Сошников, BBC (RU)

The Lisa case

German Prosecutors Say Russian Teen’s Rape Claim Fabricated

Lež, která se vymkla kontrole
by Lenka Víchová and Roman Máca, European Values Think Tank (CZ) (.pdf)

The Lisa Case, STRATCOM Lessons for European states
by Jakub Janda, European Values Think Tank for Federal Academy for Security Policy (.pdf)

Russia uses fake rape stories to create hostility to NATO troops

by Lukas Andriukaitis, Integrity Initiative

NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence 2016-17

Russian Narratives on NATO’s Deployment
by Ben Nimmo, Donara Barojan and Nika Aleksejeva @DFRLab

Canadian troops brace for Russian propaganda campaign
by Bruce Campion-Smith, The Star

Anti-Canada propaganda greets troops in Latvia
by Chris Brown, CBC News

Spring Storm: A tale of disinformation in three parts
by Urve Eslas, CEPA

NATO promised not to expand eastwards

NATO’s Eastward Enlargement What Western Leaders Said

by Hannes Adomeit, Federal Academy for Security Policy (.pdf)


Russian Disinformation Technology
by John Pollock, MIT Technology Review

Flight MH17 three years on: getting the truth out of Eastern Ukraine
by East Stratcom Task Force

MH17 – The Open Source Investigation, Three Years Later
by Bellingcat Investigation Team

The “SBU MH17 LEAKS”: Kremlin’s latest echo chamber
by Christo Grozev

British Intelligence Report Confirms Russian Military Origin of MH17 Murder Weapon

by Aric Toler, Bellingcat

The Kremlin’s Shifting, Self-Contradicting Narratives on MH17

by Aric Toler, Bellingcat

Russian leaks reveal spin on MH17 disaster

by Lucy Fisher, The Times

“Отправьте правительство в ад”: российские интернет-тролли уже в Австралии

by Andrei Soshnikov, BBC News (RU)

Bombing of the humanitarian convoy in Syria

Syria: What about the Americans?
by East Stratcom Task Force

War in Syria

by Maksymilian Czuperski, John Herbst, Eliot Higgins, Frederic Hof, and Ben Nimmo, Atlantic Council

‘Fog’ of Ukraine’s war: Russian’s death in Syria sheds light on secret mission

by Maria Tsvetkova, Reuters

#SyriaStrikes: Conflicting Claims


White Helmets

Content Sharing within the Alternative Media Echo-System: The Case of the White Helmets

by Kate Starbird, Medium


Behind #SyriaHoax and the Russian propaganda onslaught
by Brian Ross, Megan Christie and James Gordon Meek, ABC News

No Russian role in Donbas

Ex-rebel leaders detail role played by Putin aide in east Ukraine
by Anton Zverev, Reuters

Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine, International Security and Estonia
by Teabeamet Estonian Information Board (.pdf)

Moscow’s Man on Minsk. Who is Vladislav Surkov, beyond the hype?

by @DFRLab

Olympic Games

Russian Hackers Release Stolen Emails in New Effort to Undermine Doping Investigators

by Rebecca R. Ruiz, The New York Times

Skripal poisoning

#PutinAtWar: Trolls on Twitter. Battles on Twitter over the Skripal poisoning case

by @DFRLab

Myths about the EU

Europe’s Integration Myths: A guide for successfully debunking myths surrounding the European Union

by GLOBSEC Policy Institute (.pdf)


#PutinAtWar: How Russia Weaponized “Russophobia”

by @DFRLab

Are You a ‘Russophobe’? A short history of Putin’s favorite anti-West buzzword

by Oliver Bullough

Russophobia: How Russia Exploits Western Values For Its Propaganda

by Paula Chertok, Stop Fake

The West has “humiliated” Russia

The Roots of Russian Aggression

by James Kirchick, National Review

Russia has risen from its knees

Putin Results 2018 – Report

by Vladimir Milov and Ilya Yashin, Free Russia

Targeting NGOs

How Syria’s White Helmets became victims of an online propaganda machine

by Olivia Solon, The Guardian

Anti-vaccine rumours

Russian trolls ‘spreading discord’ over vaccine safety online

Jessica Glenza, The Guardian

Repeated myths

Russia Conducts Three Times More War Games than Nato; by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

by Lorenz Hemicker, Frankfurter Allgemeine