Movies and videos

WAR 2020: Russia’s information aggression
by Martynas Starkus and Jonas Banys

A Guide to Russian Propaganda
by Euromaidanpress

Nothing but Lies: Fighting Fake News
by StopFake

Putins Kalter Krieg
by ZDF

Bedroht Russland Europa?

Who is advertising in Russian media

Рейтинг крупнейших рекламодателей России по итогам 2015 года

Самым рекламируемым брендом на российском ТВ стал «Тинькофф банк»

Blocking advertisements

Disinformation Digest, April 2016
by East StratCom Task Force

Textbooks for schools

Príručka pre stredné školy: Klamstvá a konšpirácie
by Vladimír Šnídl, Deník N

History of disinformation

Disinformation: The Secret Strategy to Destroy the West
by Ion Mihai Pacepa (link leads to

Secrets of the Cold War: Disinformation
by The Best Film Archives

The problem with facts
by Tim Harford, FT magazine

Kremlin Propaganda: Soviet Active Measures by Other Means
by Yevhen Fedchenko,

How Soviet Dissidents Ended 70 Years of Fake News
by Gal Beckerman, New York Times


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