Warnings & reactions

Governments and state agencies warnings

Hungarian secret agent reveals in detail how serious the Russian threat is
by Szabolcs Panyi, Index

Germany sees rise in Russian propaganda, cyber attacks
by Reuters

A threat to democracy
by East Stratcom Task Force

France fears that Russia is trying to push Marine Le Pen to victory
by Vice News

A new report says Russia is intensifying its spy game in Eastern Europe
by Christopher Woody, Business Insider

Sweden, Denmark Say Russian Fake News a Threat
by The Associated Press, The New York Times

Russia is trying to influence Dutch public opinion with fake news: minister

By DutchNews

Theresa May accuses Russia of interfering in elections and fake news

by Rowena Mason, The Guardian

Danish intelligence service report spotlights biggest threats to Denmark

by The Copenhagen Post

FBI Task Force to Expose Russian Social Media Manipulation

by Chris Strohm, Bloomberg

Russia meddled in Catalonia independence referendum, says German intelligence boss

by Graham Keeley, The Times

MI5 boss Andrew Parker accuses Russian state of ‘criminal thuggery’

by David Mercer, Sky News

Director General Andrew Parker Speech to BfV Symposium

by MI5

Academics warnings

UW professor: The information war is real, and we’re losing it
by Danny Westneat, The Seattle Times

Experts warnings

It’s time for a comprehensive response to hybrid threats
by Edward Lucas and Jarno Limnéll, CEPA

The Russians are coming. Again.
by John P. Carlin, Politico Magazine

Commission: Russian propaganda focused on denigrating Merkel
by Georgi Gotev, EURACTIV

Germany Confronts Russian Hybrid Warfare

by Kaan Sahin, CarnegieEurope

Wake up, West! The Era of Hybrid Warfare Is Upon Us

by Aapo Cederberg and Pasi Eronen, Overt Action

Actions and responses

Is the West Thinking Strategically about Russia?
by Sarah Lain, Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (.pdf)

The Fotyga report
by Committee on Foreign Affairs, European Parliament

March 2015 Council Conclusions
by European Council (.pdf)

Czech Centre Against Terrorism and Hybrid Threats
by the Czech Ministry of Interior

Czechs prepare to fight disinformation onslaught as elections loom
by Philip Heijmans, DW

The Cyber and Information Space: a new formation in the Bundeswehr
by Justyna Gotkowska, OSW

In Germany, a Battle Against Fake News Stumbles into Legal Controversy
by Josie Le Blond, Coda Story

Germany’s anti-fake news lab yields mixed results
by Laurens Cerulus, Politico

In Massive Spending Bill, U.S. Lawmakers Back Several Measures Targeting Russia
by Mike Eckel RFE/RL

Denmark to train NATO soldiers to combat Russian misinformation
by Reuters

Building Swedish resilience
by East Stratcom Task Force

Europe and U.S. Move to Fight Russian Hybrid Warfare
by Reid Standish and Emily Tamkin, FT

Hybrid threats – what are we talking about?
by Matti Saarelainen, Director, Hybrid CoE

Facebook Says Its Fake News Label Helps Reduce The Spread Of A Fake Story By 80%

by Craig Silverman, BuzzFeed News

How Sweden’s getting ready for the election-year information war

by Emma Löfgren, The Local

Las campañas de desinformación, nueva amenaza para la seguridad nacional

by Miguel González, EL PAIS

FBI Task Force to Expose Russian Social Media Manipulation

by Chris Strohm, Bloomberg

National Threat Assessment 2018

by State Security Department Of The Republic Of Lithuania (.pdf)

Inside the U.S. effort to combat Russian misinformation

by NBC News

Lithuania’s decision to suspend broadcast of the Russian language channel “RTR Planeta” complies with EU rules

by the European Commission

Which European democracies are best combating Russian disinformation?

by David Alandete, El Pais

Banning Russian TV, Moldova Is Latest Hot Spot Fighting Kremlin Disinformation

by Liliana Barbarosie and Robert Coalson, RFE/RL

New national security unit set up to tackle fake news in UK

by Peter Walker, The Guardian

MEPs call for boosting EU resilience to Russian propaganda

by New Europe Online/KG

Sweden prepares for multi-dimensional defence against Russia

by Violetta Rusheva, New Europe

The Baltic Elves Taking on Pro-Russian Trolls

by Michael Weiss, The Daily Beast

On the arrest of RIANovosti journalist Kiril Vyshynsky & the defence of “alternative news” in Ukraine

by  Halya Coynash, Human Rights in Ukraine

Counter-measures, best practice

Why the ‘fake rape’ story against German NATO forces fell flat in Lithuania
by Teri Schultz, Deutsche Welle

How Soviet Dissidents Ended 70 Years of Fake News
by Gal Beckerman, New York Times

Russian Disinformation Technology
by John Pollock, MIT Technology Review

Analyzing a counter intelligence cyber operation: How Macron just changed cyber security forever
by Gadi Evron, Hackernoon