Disinfo: 100 million killed by communist regimes – these numbers are pulled out of a hat.


100 million killed by communist regimes – these numbers are pulled out of a hat. Besides, imperialist regimes, including Hitler, killed just as many. Propaganda.


The 100 million number is based on archival documents. “Hardly taken out of the clear blue sky,” said Paul A. Goble, former special advisor to the U.S. Secretary of State and a longtime specialist on ethnic and religious questions in Eurasia to Polygraph.info. “To get to 100 million, however, requires two things: a relatively high estimate of losses in China from starvation and killings during the Great Leap Forward, and the inclusion of losses of Soviet populations during wartime. With those added, the number is far above 100 million -- probably closer to 150 million.”

The Victims of the Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC), a U.S. non-government organization based in Washington, DC, says that the White House estimate of the death toll of communism in the 20th Century is in fact accurate and based on archival and forensic research.

The figure of 100 million victims of communism first emerged in the late 1990s from “The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression,” the product of a joint research by eight academics from different European countries who documented the death toll of communist regimes.

Further debunking by the Polygraph.info


  • Reported in: Issue 87
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 07/11/2017
  • Language/target audience: French
  • Country: USSR, Russia, US
  • Keywords: Propaganda, Historical revisionism, Adolf Hitler


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Ukraine to fire all feldshers

Ukraine will fire all feldshers and replace them with paramedics. As of November 1 the position of feldsher was liquidated and all such personnel should lose their jobs in accordance with a Ministry of Economic Development order #6327.


The Economic Development Ministry has never issued any order entitled  #6327.  But there is a law and a Cabinet of Ministers executive order classifying medical professions, according to which all medical professional titles have been streamlined according to international classifications and European Union practice. Ukraine has approved a new classification of professions effective November 1 so that Ukraine’s health care sector reflects international norms. The Health Ministry stressed that the new classification does not entail anyone being fired, medical workers will now be using new professional names and will undergo additional training necessary to meet international standards. Further debunking at Stopfake www.stopfake.org/en/fake-ukraine-to-fire-all-feldshers/, .

Ukrainian military raids monastery for conscripts

Ukraine’s military conducted a night raid on a Ukrainian Catholic monastery looking for conscripts. The monastery was surrounded and searched, the military were trying to find young men evading service in the army, according to a priest called Augusyn Loyko.


The monastery at the center of this fake story is the Basilian Brothers monastery in the western Ukrainian city of Zhovkva, Lviv oblast . In a statement published on the Ukrainian Catholic Church portal, the monastery’s abbot Father Volodymyr Malaniuk said that no such raid had taken place, the priest cited in the story does not exist and the photograph used to illustrate the fake story is not of their monastery. www.kyrios.org.ua/news/ugcc/31331-zhovkivskyi-monastyr-ottsiv-vasyliian-sprostuvav-informatsiiu-pro-oblavu.html,

As their source, the disinforming sites quote a dubious website Novyny Zhovkivshchyny I Yavorivshchyny online. Judging from its content, this site appears to have been launched only a few days ago. Its first story is dated November 3, the last November 5. The site is currently inactive and lists a warning that the story about the monastery raid is a fake.

Ukrainian shelling kills Donetsk boy

A ten year old boy was killed and another two were wounded as a result of the Ukrainian army shelling the Russian separatist occupied city of Donetsk.


No evidence given. Local Donetsk media reported a completely different version of the story. The city’s regional news portal Donetskie Novosti reported that three schoolboys were playing in a school stadium and they threw a rock at an unidentified object which exploded, killing one boy and wounding the other two, citing Donetsk regional administrator chief Maksym Zhukovsky as the source. The object turned out to be an unexploded mine. dnews.dn.ua/news/656095, http://www.osce.org/special-monitoring-mission-to-ukraine/355221, . Further debunking at Stopfake www.stopfake.org/en/fake-ukrainian-shelling-kills-donetsk-boy/, .