Disinfo: Washington stages coups attempts against leftist leaders of Latin America


The two main [Bolivian] opposition figures Mesa and Camacho are a sort of marriage of business and fascism to pursue pure capitalistic interest, simply because the Morales government was left-wing and rather socialist.

This is typical for the entire region, as attempts against the Nicolas Maduro government in Venezuela are still on-going, for 9 months straight, but with limited, if any, success.

On the photograph are all democratically elected South American leaders against whom there were coup attempts simply because they weren’t politically aligned with the Washington-led establishment and were left wing.



Conspiracy theory. No evidence is provided to support the claim.

This is part of a recurrent disinformation narrative about US-led regime change operations against left wing governments in Latin America. You can see other examples of this, such as the alleged presence of a US marine in the Venezuelan barricades and the promotion of a Ukraine-style 'colour revolution', the training of Venezuelan exiles in Guyana for military operations inside the country, preparations for a military intervention after forcing Brazil to join NATO, deliberate blackouts in South America caused by the US, or the existence of plans for the secession of oil-rich regions in both Venezuela and Mexico.

Also falls within the broader pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative attempting to deny the existence of genuine grass-root protests, portraying them as foreign-led efforts and fake colour revolutions.

Read the statement by the EU High Representative/Vice President Federica Mogherini on the situation in Bolivia here


  • Reported in: Issue 172
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 12/11/2019
  • Language/target audience: English
  • Country: Bolivia, Venezuela, US
  • Keywords: Protest, Colour revolutions, Conspiracy
  • Outlet: South Front
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It is rather nice for a journalist to work in Russia, unlike in Europe

Even if everything is not perfect, the situation of press freedom in Russia is not as black as some people want to portray it. In general, it is rather nice for a journalist to work in Russia. Many information and public registers are accessible, which facilitates the work of investigative journalists.

Whilst Russia is often singled out in this area, take the recent example of Russian media being refused accreditation for a conference in Britain precisely on the topics of press freedom. These kinds of decisions only weaken international standards of freedom of information.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative on the Western media not being independent and biased while Russia protects freedom of speech and the press.

As for the non-admission of Russian disinformation outlets to the conference on freedom of speech in the UK, RT and Sputnik were the only Russian media banned from the conference for an "over active role in spreading disinformation''. Other Russian media were accredited and attended.

White Helmets were involved in the production of videos of staged “chemical attacks”

Western Media told fairy tales of tens and hundreds of thousands of people supposedly saved from chemical attacks of Damascus. But actually the White Helmets were mainly involved in the production of fake videos of staged “chemical attacks”, for example in Khan Sheikhoun in 2017 or in Douma in 2018.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narratives aiming to discredit the White Helmets and claiming that the Khan Shaykhun and Douma chemical attacks were staged by Western actors in order to justify military action against the Assad regime.

The OPCW’s Fact Finding Mission confirmed that people in Khan Shaykhun were exposed to sarin, a chemical weapon, on 4 April 2017. "The OPCW FFM has confirmed the use of sarin, a nerve agent, during the 4 April incident in Khan Shaykhun in Syria,” mentioned its Director-General in a report published on June 30, 2017.

Russia will be acquitted in the crash of MH17 for a bribe

Ukrainian media revealed a “conspiracy”: Europe will admit Russia’s innocence of the crash of the Boeing MH17  if Moscow pays Amsterdam a “compensation”.

Russia and the Netherlands allegedly are in secret negotiations to pay compensation for the crashed airliner without admitting guilt for the tragedy.


No evidence given regarding possible secret talks and recognition of the alleged Russia's innocence in the MH17 crash. Recurring disinformation narrative on MH17 downing.

Earlier this year, the Dutch foreign minister announced that his country was in diplomatic discussions with Russia about whether Moscow bears legal responsibility in the 2014 downing of a Malaysia Airlines jet over Ukraine.