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A dying EU promotes an anti-Russian, anti-democratic agenda

Summary of Disinformation

The European Union is a stinking corpse, which poisons the political and moral atmosphere of Europe. Actual EU policies do not have anything to do with real democracy. Old EU members play a role of the masters of democracy and human rights, whereas new EU member states such as Poland and the Baltics do the dirty work by promoting EU’s and NATO’s disintegration and an anti-Russian agenda to the East. Political regimes in new EU Member States consciously create confrontations and escalate the situation along the whole perimeter of the Eastern Slavic civilisation.

Together with Russia, Teleskop Belarus, Imhoclub
Together with Russia, Teleskop Belarus

Recurring pro-Kremlin narratives on the EU's moral decay and Western belligerence.

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Reported in: Issue 136
Date: 06.02.2019
Language: Belarus
Country: Eastern Europe, Russia, EU, Belarus
Keywords: Anti-Russian, European values, Colour revolutions
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Together with Russia, Teleskop, Imhoclub
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