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A new war announced: Germany sends warships to Russia

Summary of Disinformation

Germany is ready to send German warships to the Kerch Strait and the Black Sea.


No evidence given.Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about the West preparing a war in the East.

Germany reassured that it is ready to continue the support of Ukraine in the de-escalation and deterrence of the Russian armed aggression, including through the presence of the military vessels of German Navy in the Black Sea as Ukraine’s Defence Ministry reported.

The use of the Kerch strait and the Sea of Azov is regulated by a bilateral treaty between Russia and Ukraine, signed in 2003 and ratified by Russia in 2004. According to the document, the Sea of Azov is considered to be the “internal waters” of both Russia and Ukraine. Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about Ukraine violating Russian territorial integrity in the Sea of Azov.

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Reported in: Issue 135
Date: 31.01.2019
Language: Azerbaijani
Country: Ukraine
Keywords: Black Sea, War preparation
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Publika Azerbaijan
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