Disinfo: A Tsunami on the Dnieper is one deadly option reviewed by the US in Ukraine


The US wants the military conflict in Ukraine to continue. The Pentagon’s strategists have biological and chemical weapons, as well as other options for large-scale catastrophes such as a tsunami in the river Dnieper, on the table. Only an immediate capitulation of the Kyiv regime can save the remnants of Ukraine's statehood.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about non-sovereign Ukraine, false flag operations and chemical weapon attacks.

Claims about false flag operations and chemical weapons attacks are a staple of the pro-Kremlin disinformation apparatus. Such claims are a part of a broader pro-Kremlin information manipulation campaign supporting the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine and trying to place the blame for the war’s atrocities on Ukraine, our recent analysis explains.

There is no evidence to back the claim that the US is preparing for deadly provocations in Ukraine. On the contrary, particularly in the context of Moscow's latest allegations about Ukraine's preparations to use a dirty bomb, diplomats from France, Britain and the United States consider Russia’s false claims a pretext that Moscow has concocted for escalating the war.

Read similar cases claiming that Kyiv prepares chemical attacks to blame the Russian army, Ukraine is under the control of the West and staged fakes about Bucha, Mariupol and Kramatorsk, West needs provocations to accuse the Russian military of using chemical, biological or nuclear weapons in Ukraine and that Ukraine aims to use Turkish Bayraktars for chemical attacks

Technical remark: This disinformation was broadcast via Sputnik on 21 October 2022. Due to the EU decision to restrict the spread and dissemination of RT and Sputnik inside the EU, access to the link may not work inside the EU.


  • Reported in: Issue 315
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 21/10/2022
  • Article language(s) Russian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Ukraine, US
  • Keywords: War in Ukraine, Conspiracy theory, Chemical weapons/attack, Biological weapons, false flag
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Disinfo: Israel is supporting a Nazi regime in Kyiv

It seems that Israel wants to supply arms to the Kyiv regime. A very ill-advised move. Not to mention that the Bandera scum were and still are Nazis. Let's look at the symbols of their modern dwellings. If they are arming them, it is time for Israel to declare Bandera and Suhevics heroes.


This is a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Ukraine being taken over by neo-Nazis, which Russia is trying to use as a casus belli against Ukraine. The article is part of the Kremlin's campaign accusing Israel of supporting anti-Semitism in Ukraine.

The disinformation claim that Ukraine is a Nazi state has already been broadly addressed by EUvsDisinfo.

Disinfo: EU economy at the point Russia was in early 1990s

The liberal economic model is crumbling. The US seems to abandon this model. When it comes to the EU’s economy, it is seriously deteriorating. The situation with the EU's economy is very similar to what Russia witnessed back in 1990-1991.


This article draws false parallels between the EU's economic development and that of the USSR's and fits into a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the EU's alleged imminent collapse.

Despite the Kremlin's decision to limit gas supplies to Europe and the effects of Russia's unprovoked aggression against Ukraine, the EU economy is recovering from the crisis created by COVID-19. The summer 2022 economic forecast projects that the EU economy will grow by 2.7% in 2022 and 1.5% in 2023, as reported by the European Commission in July 2022. According to data from the World Bank, Russia’s GDP in 1990-1992 contracted by over 15%.

Disinfo: EU is causing a global food shortage by keeping all the grain from Ukraine

Under an agreement reached earlier this year, Western countries will take over grain exported from Ukraine instead of sending it to developing countries. The situation could trigger a global food crisis, with only four of the 203 ships that left Ukrainian ports by 23 September going to the poorest countries.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative aiming to deflect Russia’s responsibility for the growing food crisis and supply insecurity by claiming that most of Ukraine's grain ships are sent to rich European countries. This false allegation goes in line with a wider pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign aiming to blame Western countries for a global food crisis engineered by Russia as part of its unjustified aggression against Ukraine.

Russia's responsibility for the global food crisis comes as a consequence of the unprovoked and unjustified Russian invasion of Ukraine: naval blockade of Ukrainian posts, bombardment of transport infrastructure and shelling of farming regions. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has destabilised global food markets and is driving food prices up due to increased cost of production, transport and freight insurance. Russia has destroyed substantial food stocks, production, as well as processing and transport capacities in Ukraine.