Disinfo: About 150,000 females in Sweden have undergone genital mutilation (female…


About 150,000 females in Sweden have undergone genital mutilation (female genital mutilation, FGM) by the Muslims, implementing their own culture in Scandinavia.


Not recently, not in Sweden and not 150,000. Different variations of the same disinformation have been published this year during June/July on Independentnews.media, Infowars.com and Sputniknews.com. Whereas there are many women that live in Sweden that has been subjected to female genital mutilation prior to coming to Sweden, there are only about 90 reported cases of the practise which are thought to have happened while the girl was living in Sweden bit.ly/2sKzEFj, . Female genital mutilation is illegal in Sweden since 1982, regardless if it is done abroad or in Sweden bit.ly/2u8kqha, . In order to deal with the problem, there is now a massive information campaign in the Stockholm region concerning the issue, in order to educate and eventually prevent it from happening bit.ly/2rm80ly, .


  • Reported in: Issue 76
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 06/07/2017
  • Language/target audience: Polish
  • Country: Sweden
  • Keywords: Islamisation, Muslim/Islam
  • Outlet: namzalezy.pl
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Kosovo could become an independent state due to the one-sided…

Kosovo could become an independent state due to the one-sided and biased coverage by all the world media, by the so-called mainstream media.


In 1999, the NATO operation for Kosovo followed over a year of intense efforts by the UN and the Contact Group (the U.S, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Russia), to bring about a peaceful solution. The UN Security Council on several occasions branded the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and the mounting number of refugees driven from their homes as a threat to international peace and security. NATO's Operation Allied Force was launched to prevent the large-scale and sustained violations of human rights and the killing of civilians: bit.ly/2a0UmfI, . Kosovo's unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia in February 2008 was in accordance with international law, the international court of justice (ICJ) has found bit.ly/1RVCmRg, .