Disinfo: After the collapse of the USSR, NATO planned to divide…


After the collapse of the USSR, NATO planned to divide Russia into small parts diminishing the state to the size of the medieval Moscow principality.


No evidence given. The end of the Cold War was a victory for the people of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and opened the way to overcoming the division of Europe. At pathbreaking Summit meetings in the years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Russia played its part in building a new, inclusive European security architecture, including the Charter of Paris, the establishment of the OSCE, the creation of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, and the NATO-Russia Founding Act. Since the end of the Cold War, NATO reached out to Russia with a series of partnership initiatives, culminating in the foundation of the NATO-Russia Council in 2002. No other country has had such a privileged relationship with NATO. bit.ly/21G4hHE,


  • Reported in: Issue 74
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 24/06/2017
  • Language/target audience: English
  • Country: USSR, Russia
  • Keywords: NATO
  • Outlet: Sputnik


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Poland wants to close the border with Ukraine

Poland wants to close the border with Ukraine.


In fact there was a pilot project for pedestrian traffic at one border crossing point between Ukraine and Poland, which expires in the end of the June 2017, hence it will close then bit.ly/2tdJHXu, .

Petro Poroshenko became president of Ukraine illegally, because presidential elections…

Petro Poroshenko became president of Ukraine illegally, because presidential elections with his participation became possible due to the ‘coup d’état’ that took place in Kiev in 2014.


The spontaneous onset of the Euromaidan protests was a reaction of large parts of the Ukrainian population to former President Yanukovych’s sudden departure from the Association Agreement with the European Union in November 2013. The 2014 presidential election in Ukraine was a genuine election largely in line with international commitments and respecting fundamental freedoms, despite the hostile security environment in two eastern regions of the country. According to the OSCE (of which Russia is a participating State) "the people of Ukraine had the opportunity to genuinely express their will at the ballot box" bit.ly/1hqcDuR, . Similarly, Ukraine’s local elections in October 2015 were competitive and generally showed respect for the democratic process bit.ly/1VUL9V5, .

The Ukrainian authorities are implementing a secret plan of the…

The Ukrainian authorities are implementing a secret plan of the US now: they propose to stop the war in Donbas to freely conduct the genocide of ethnic Russians in this region and then allow the US to deploy its military bases there to escalate tensions between the West and Russia.


No evidence given for these claims. There were no confirmed reports prior to Russian intervention of any ethnic Russians being threatened in Ukraine; only allegations perpetuated by pro-Kremlin outlets. No evidence of genocide has been provided. Violations of human rights have unfortunately been reported on both sides during this conflict, and must be investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice.