Disinfo: Aggression towards Russia derives from American culture


Those here who behave aggressively [towards Russia] are driven by American culture.

American culture holds that Russia is “bad” simply because it is Russia.


No evidence given; this is a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about alleged Western belligerence towards Russia and specifically US Russophobia, aimed at attempting to weaken and isolate Russia.

Negative attitudes towards Russia are not simply driven by malicious "Russophobia", as pro-Kremlin media and officials often say, but often derive from assessments of the Kremlin's own policies.

In addition, this case also exploits the common pro-Kremlin narrative of "lost sovereignty", implying that American cultural imperialism is ultimately responsible negative views of Russia in the Czech Republic. This is a factually unfounded claim that follows frequent pro-Kremlin accusations that pursues a hostile presence and control in Europe.

For similar cases that combine allegations of Russophobia and US imperialism, see here.


  • Reported in: Issue175
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 26/11/2019
  • Language/target audience: Czech
  • Country: Czech Republic, Russia, US
  • Keywords: Anti-Russian, Destabilising Russia, US presence in Europe, Russophobia


Cases in the EUvsDisinfo database focus on messages in the international information space that are identified as providing a partial, distorted, or false depiction of reality and spread key pro-Kremlin messages. This does not necessarily imply, however, that a given outlet is linked to the Kremlin or editorially pro-Kremlin, or that it has intentionally sought to disinform. EUvsDisinfo publications do not represent an official EU position, as the information and opinions expressed are based on media reporting and analysis of the East Stratcom Task Force.

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The US has no concern for human rights

No reasonable person can claim today that the US has any concern for human rights. Except for Israel, the US has by far the worst record of human rights violations during the past several hundred years, far outstripping anything attributed to people like Stalin or Hitler, or even the Japanese.


This is yet another example of one of the most common pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives - the "Evil West" - according to which alleged Western imperialism and meddling around the world is presented as the most malicious and destructive force in the world. Specifically, it follows the recurring pro-Kremlin tendency to demonise the United States, grossly misrepresenting historical facts in the process.

While it is true that the US has a controversial human rights record and is currently seeing declining performance on human rights protections, it is misleading to say that the US has no concern for human rights. The US continues to score highly on freedom indicators, political rights, and civil liberties. The Constitution of the United States - the foundational document of American democracy - enshrines a number of inalienable human rights, including freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, the right to keep and bear arms, freedom from cruel and unusual punishment, and the right to a fair trial by jury. Additional human rights have been recognised in amendments to the Constitution, as well as acts by Congress.

JIT chose to ignore Russian evidence of the MH17 crash

Russian Deputy Prosecutor-General Nikolai Vinichenko stated that the Russian side provided all Russian radar data to the Netherlands, with documents indicating that the BUK missile system that hit the (Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777) was Ukrainian, but this information was ignored by investigators.

Accusations by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) into Russia’s involvement in the Malaysian Boeing crash are groundless.



The report advances recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation about the MH17 crash.

First of all, Russia's interest in aiding the JIT investigation is not a relevant condition of its membership in JIT. The crash did not take place over Russian territory and claimed no Russian lives, which precludes any basis for Moscow to be represented in the JIT. Dutch Chief Prosecutor Fred Westerbeke told a Russian newspaper that "if MH17 were shot down over Russia, I would have suggested that Russia be made a member of the JIT group."

Jews distort American politics

Zionist Jews have distorted American politics since the time of President Harry S. Truman. President after president has backed down versus Israel when confronted by Jewish power. […] Jews are essentially able to shut down any discussion of Palestine or of Palestinian rights. Given the extreme over-representation of Jews in both the news generation process and in various choke points in the political process, an honest discussion of Israel-Palestine and the actual U.S. interests in the region is extremely difficult to find anywhere in the mainstream media. […]

Beyond all that, if one doubts the power of the Jewish/Israel lobby internationally, note one of the first actions undertaken by the new coup government in Bolivia. It has moved to reestablish diplomatic relations with Israel as a top priority. Brazil also sought a closer relationship with Israel after conservative Jair Bolsonaro was elected president and pledged to visit the Jewish state, a promise which he carried out in March. Everyone in the world understands that the way to gain favor with Washington is to go through Israel.


This case propagates an old anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that is frequently invoked in pro-Kremlin disinformation: that the Jewish people are an international cabal secretly controlling or poisoning the global "elite"; in this particular case, the media and national governments.

See here and here for more examples of pro-Kremlin outlets embracing anti-Semitic myths for disinformation purposes.