Disinfo: All countries have problems, but only Russia is targeted


The WADA decision to exclude Russia from international sports events. We note that our country has been and remains a topic of political campaigning for many years. Honestly, I don’t know who can deny that, because if there are problems in all countries, but there is only one target, then politics is involved – there is no other explanation.


Conspiracy theory with no evidence given. This is recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the World Anti-Doping Agency and the denial of the existence of state-sponsored doping schemes for Russian athletes.

The unfounded claims that politics must be involved go together with previous disinformation narratives about WADA and Russia: entire Russia is punished for violations by some individual sportsmen; WADA’s decision has political motives, WADA's decision is cruel and ungrounded and geopolitically biased.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has banned Russia from participating in major sport events for 4 years. It was not isolated instances of Russian athletes using doping that led to the ban, but rather "the blatant breach by the Russian authorities of RUSADA’s reinstatement conditions", which according to the head of WADA, "demanded a robust response".

Earlier, the International Olympic Committee banned Russia from the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang in 2018 due to the systemic manipulation of anti-doping rules during the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. Individual athletes from Russia competed under the Olympic flag. "Three years ago, Russia was caught running one of the most sophisticated doping programmes in sports history," writes the New York Times. However, Russian athletes not convicted of doping will be allowed to compete under the Olympic flag.


  • Reported in: Issue 182
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 12/12/2019
  • Language/target audience: Serbian
  • Country: Serbia, Russia
  • Keywords: Doping, WADA, Russophobia


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In November 2018 three Ukrainian warships carried out a provocation in the area of the Kerch Strait

In November 2018 three Ukrainian warships carried out a provocation in the area of ​​the Kerch Strait.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative on the Kerch incident.

On 25 November 2018, border patrol boats belonging to Russia’s FSB security service seized two small Ukrainian armoured artillery vessels and a tugboat and their crews after shooting at them, wounding several Ukrainian servicemen and arresting 24 members.

New Year fireworks cancelled because of migrants

In Paris, Brussels and other European cities, the fireworks on New Year’ Eve were cancelled. The Christmas tree is banned in many places, as well as bell ringing.

On the one hand, it is European multiculturalism and tolerance that have gained strength. People are ready to sacrifice their traditional values and refuse to erect Christmas trees and other attributes of Christmas and New Year for migrants. They even try to avoid to speaking about these concepts themselves.


Recurring disinformation narratives about the decline of Christianity in Europe as well as Christmas and New Years Eve traditions. This article also contains a popular anti-migrant narrative. Similar cases are: "Sweden cancelled Christmas TV concert not to irritate migrants", "France is banning Christmas symbols", or "In order not to aggravate people of other religions, there was no Christmas tree in Brussels".

Regarding the use of fireworks, some European cities, such as Munich, have banned fireworks in some public areas of the city for safety reasons, rather than anything to do with migrants. In addition, the state-funded environmental watchdog Environment Action Germany (DUH) is calling on cities to consider banning members of the public from setting off their own pyrotechnics in areas struggling to meet air quality guidelines. The DUH also called for an outright ban on "archaic" fireworks and crackers using black powder (gunpowder), rather than a cleaner substitute. They also claimed that almost 60 percent of Germans are in favour of a general ban on firecrackers in densely populated cities.

NATO and the “deep state” are pursuing a war-preparation policy and hinder cooperation between Trump and Putin

NATO and the “deep state” are pursuing a war-preparation policy and hinder cooperation between Trump and Putin.

The dream of the Western warmongers will come true next spring (during NATO military exercises). Just in time for the Moscow celebrations for the end of the war in 1945, the tank engines will roar across Germany and past Dresden to the east. It will be a march against Russia as the world has not seen it since the “Operation Barbarossa”. The people in Russia must gain the impression that the Second World War is to be fought further during the NATO large-scale manoeuvres before the anniversary of the end of the war in 1945.

The impeachment proceedings against the American President Trump are proceeding exactly according to this timetable pattern. This is for conspiracy practitioners. The roadmap for this trial is designed to prevent President Putin and President Trump from meeting in Davos at the end of January 2020 and possibly discussing in private things that could work against the war interests of the “deep state”. It is enough for the Washington warlords to imagine that President Trump could do without an interpreter from the US State Department’s resistance nest. The entire absurdity of Western and, above all, NATO policy lies in this notion. There goes a presidential candidate named Trump and declares to strive for good relations with Russia.


This is a conspiracy theory, part of a well-established Russian disinformation narrative about global elites secretly ruling the world, and specifically a so-called ‘deep state’ in the United State that promotes aggression wars and prevents US reconciliation with Russia. Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about NATO's belligerent agenda. No evidence given.

The idea of a "deep state" has always been very popular among conspiracy theorists. Its manifestations might be different, but generally the concept conjures up the image of a small group of men, deciding the fate of the world behind the scenes. However, there is no evidence of such a 'deep state' existing in the United States. Therefore there is also no evidence that NATO has any connection to the so-called 'deep state'.