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Americans were working on forbidden rockets before leaving the INF Treaty

Summary of Disinformation

Americans never stopped working on forbidden rockets even if they were part of the INF Treaty. They [Americans] were working on new rockets and the time to test them has come now. In order to save the face, they created this entire circus and left the [INF] Treaty.


No evidence given. A recurring pro-Kremlin narrative blaming the USA for the violation of the INF Treaty. See a similar case here.

In fact, Russia bears primary responsibility for the end of the INF Treaty, because it has produced, tested and deployed the 9M729 missile, which violates it. In July 2014 the then-US President Obama officially accused Russia of testing a missile in violation of the INF Treaty, which prohibits the US and Russia from possessing, producing or test-flying ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with ranges between 500 and 5500 kilometres.

The US has gathered detailed information on Russia’s flight-testing of the 9M792 missile to distances well over 500 kilometres and has spent almost six years in dialogues with Russia to try to resolve Russia’s non-compliance. However, Russia consistently refused to address US and NATO concerns.

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Reported in: Issue 160
Date: 03.08.2019
Language: Belarus Russian
Country: US, Russia
Keywords: INF Treaty
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Sputnik Belarus
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