Disinfo: Armenia has become a springboard for Anti-Russian forces in the Caucasus


Armenian Authorities have flooded the country with anti-Russian NGOs that are teaching young people on Armenian territory how to overthrow the government in Russia. Armenia has become a springboard for anti-Russian forces in the Caucasus.

You have purged from the country Russian businessmen of Armenian origin. You don’t want to have anything Russian. Because that is the internal affairs of Armenia. Your media and social networks constantly pour dirt on Russia and Putin and everyone, who supports Putin – especially Russian Armenians. You are dividing the Armenian people – already on the verge of extinction – between enemies; Russian Armenians and “Real” – those, who support who is in power for the moment. Because it is the internal affairs of Armenia.

And now, when the war is at your borders; when the very existence of your regime is threatened and Armenians all over the world see the spectres of Janissaries with curved knives coming alive – now you remember that Russia has the duty to save you again. Is that not the internal affair of Armenia?


Pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative accusing Armenian Authorities of being Russophobic and Anti-Russian.

The claim about anti-Russian NGOs that are teaching young people "how to overthrow the government in Russia" is another recurring pro-Kremlin narrative presenting all activities of NGOs, media or civil society activists as measures to overthrow the power in post-Soviet states. Also, a conspiracy, according to which the US prepare in secrecy people of the former Soviet Republics to work for foreign forces. Russian propaganda refers to the events organised by the Prague civil society center in different countries. CampCamp is all about helping civil initiatives strengthen their bond with their local communities through the use of new technologies and creative solutions. For further debunk read here.

See similar cases claiming that Armenia is under the control of the most anti-Russian transatlantic forces, that Armenia, like other post-Soviet republics, is in a state of colonisation by the West, that Armenia is under Soros occupation, or Armenia is under Anglo-American occupation, and that Armenia is occupied by foreign agent network.


  • Reported in: Issue 208
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 18/07/2020
  • Country: Armenia, Russia
  • Keywords: Caucasus, Anti-Russian, Colour revolutions


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Anti-Russian report is needed to distract the British from their own problems

The anti-Russian report is needed to distract the British from their own problems. One of the goals of the publication in the UK of a report on “Russian interference” in political processes in Europe is to divert attention from their own problems. Judging by the statements made at the parliamentary and government levels, it was obvious that the British had no proof. Nevertheless, the main message of the report was that “Russian interference is unacceptable.” If there are any problems in British society, it means that it is not the government, not the parliament, not the civil society, not the judicial system, but the Russians who are to blame. This primitive and crude rhetoric still works to some extent.


This disinformation message is a classic example of the Russia did not do/you have no evidence approach to the report published by the Intelligence and Security Committee of the British Parliament. The document shows for example that there is Russian cyber intrusion into the UK's critical national infrastructure; and that Russian actors orchestrated phishing attempts against the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory during the investigation into the Salisbury attacks.

The report also says: "Russia may spread disinformation or seek to influence political events for a wide range of purposes, but all in support of its underlying foreign policy objectives:
• direct support of a pro-Russian narrative in relation to particular events (whilst some of the outright falsehoods which are put forward may not be widely believed, they may still succeed in casting doubt on the true account of events (...);
• direct support of Russia’s preferred outcome in relation to an overseas election or political issue; and
• general poisoning of the political narrative in the West by fomenting political extremism and ‘wedge issues’, and by the ‘astroturfing’ of Western public opinion; and general discrediting of the West."

White Helmets are aiding terrorism

The White Helmets brand hides a false story with staging, looting and aiding terrorism. Moscow has repeatedly tried to convey to the world community: this is no humanitarian organisation. However, the West continues to finance it.


An example of many disinformation claims about the White Helmets. Pro-Kremlin media routinely accuse the White Helmets of “working for terrorists” and being a creation of the Western intelligence services. No evidence is given to support these claims.

The "White Helmets" movement originated in Syria in 2012, when the first detachments of volunteer rescuers appeared in the territories outside the control of Bashar al-Assad's troops. In 2014, volunteer teams merged into a national organisation, the Syrian Civil Defence, which is the official name of the 'White Helmets'. Volunteers save people from the rubble after bombings, despite the danger to themselves as a result of repeated airstrikes. Activists from this organisation have documented the use of chemical weapons in Syria by the Assad government and allied forces. Because of this, they have become the target of an extensive Russian disinformation campaign.

US Democratic Party is trying to eliminate Orthodoxy

The US Democratic Party decided to use the Patriarchate of Constantinople for its corporate purposes, for the collapse of the Orthodox world as an incomprehensible and alien identity, of mainly Eastern European countries.

Orthodoxy as a part of national identity is interpreted by the Democratic Party as a threat that must be eliminated.


No evidence given. Conspiracy theory and recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative alleging that the US is trying to split the Orthodox world.

The Democratic Party does not use, nor plan to use, the Constantinople Patriarchy for its own purposes, it is not trying to eliminate Orthodox Christianity.