Disinfo: As long as Europe is united, it is trying to capture Russia: it happened like that, when Europe was under Napoleon and Hitler, and it is happening like that now


As long as Europe is united, it will never be good to Russia. When Europe is being united, it feels super-strong and tries to capture everyone around including Russia. It happened like that, when Europe was under Napoleon and Hitler, and it is happening like that now.



Neither the EU nor ‘united Europe’ has ever "tried to capture" Russia. Currently Russia occupies territories of Ukraine. www.ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/DisplayNews.aspx?NewsID=22140,


  • Reported in: Issue101
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 06/03/2018
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Russia
  • Keywords: West, Destabilising Russia, Europe


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On the eve of the presidential elections in Russia, US media is attempting to split Russia and start a civil war

[During the presidential campaign in Russia, the US media like RFE/RL and Voice of America …] is agitating. On Russia’s sovereign territory and in the languages of the peoples of Russia. This is directed towards our people. They want to split us. They want to make us quarrel with each other. They want to involve us in a civil war.


Conspiracy theory, no evidence given.

RFE/RL journalists report the news in 20 countries where a free press is banned by the government or not fully established, providing uncensored news, responsible discussion, and open debate. pressroom.rferl.org/p/6091.html,

The US bets on reducing the turnout in Russia’s presidential elections to below 45 percent

On a tactical level, our overseas opponents staked on the maximum drop in turnout and delegitimization of the results of the voting on March 18. They even set specific “planks”: to recognize turnout only at the level of no more than 45 percent.




Conspiracy theory, no evidence given. Neither the US nor the EU stated their wish to reduce or assess the turnout in Russia’s presidential elections to below 45 percent.

Further debunking by Polygraph.info: www.polygraph.info/a/meddling-in-russian-election/29087414.html,

Next-generation nuclear weapons unveiled by Vladimir Putin in his state of the nation address have been designed with one goal: to save peace

What we heard on March 1 [Putin’s state of the nation address] is, perhaps, a scientific and technical version of the Munich speech [Putin’s speech in Munich in 2007]. This is a technological Munich speech. And how should we name the missile [next-generation cruise missiles unveiled by Putin]? It can be called “The Peacemaker”, for example. Because its purpose is to save peace. This is peace.


This is not how president Vladimir Putin presented it. In the nearly two-hour TV film World Order 2018, Russian president Vladimir Putin tells host Vladimir Solovyov: “This is called reciprocal strike.” “If there is this decision to destroy Russia then we have a legal right to respond.” “Yes, this would be a global catastrophe for humanity but I, as a citizen of Russia and the head of the Russian state would like to ask you this—what do we need a world for if there is no Russia in it?” www.newsweek.com/putin-russia-nuclear-war-834553,