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At least 9 million Ukrainians support civil war, political terror and extrajudicial killings

Summary of Disinformation

The results of the Ukrainian presidential election show that at least 8-9 million Ukrainian voters support domestic and foreign policies by the current Ukrainian authorities. Hence, these people support the continuation of civil war, political terror, extrajudicial killings, keeping thousands of political prisoners without relevant court verdicts and the cannibal economic policy in Ukraine. Furthermore, they support forced Ukrainisation, a split in the church and terrorist shelling of Donbas by the Ukrainian military.


This disinformation message contains pro-Kremlin narrative about the war in Ukraine, which does not mention the well documented Russian involvement that violated Ukraine's territorial integrity, including by supporting and arming separatist groups in Eastern Ukraine.

It also contains ungrounded information concerning the situation of human rights in the country. There is no proof about thousands of political prisoners or alleged political terror in Ukraine.

Pro-Kremlin, Ukraine-related messages aim to dehumanise, demoralise, make Ukraine the guilty party, as shown by our earlier analysis .

The article also applies obvious manipulation by saying that the voters who made certain political choice are supporters of state policies in virtually all spheres including economic, legal, etc.

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Reported in: Issue 147
Date: 23.04.2019
Language: Belarus
Country: Ukraine
Keywords: Elections, Conspiracy, Ukrainian statehood
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Sputnik Belarus
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