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Because of the EU´s MEDA programme, the EU requires the admission of 56 million Muslims to its structures

Summary of Disinformation

Based on the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership program,  the EU requires the admission of 56 million Muslims to its structures, and therefore borders must remain unprotected and open.


The key objective of the trade partnership is the creation of a deep Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Area, which aims at removing barriers to trade and investment between both the EU and Southern Mediterranean countries and between the Southern Mediterranean countries themselves. This document does not contain any clause on integrating Muslims or other non-EU citizens into the EU structure. It is strictly focused on trade agreements.


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Reported in: Issue 90
Date: 30.11.2017
Language: Czech
Country: Iraq, Czech Republic
Keywords: Mediterranean, Military, EU, Muslim/Islam
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: cz.sputniknews.com
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