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Belarus has no education institution with Russian as the only language of instruction

Summary of Disinformation

The creation of a university with Belarusian as the only language of instruction would violate the Belarusian constitution, which guarantees the equal status of the two official languages – Belarusian and Russian.

There are no education institutions in Belarus, neither on pre-school nor on higher education level, with Russian as the only language of instruction.


A recurring pro-Kremlin narrative, forwarding allegations of a persecution of the Russian language in Belarus; see similar cases on the Belarusian language here.

According to the Belarusian Statistical Committee, the number of children in pre-schools with Belarusian as the language of instruction has dropped from 12.8% to 9.7%, whereas Russian-language ones increased from 87.2% to 90.3% from 2010 to 2016 (see p. 34 of the document). The rest are taught in Polish and Lithuanian (in the areas where these minorities live). 91.8% of city school children are taught in Russian, 8.2% - in Belarusian; in the countryside the proportion is different though – 86.6% are taught in Belarusian and 13.4% - in Russian (see p. 67 of the document).

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Reported in: Issue 140
Date: 01.03.2019
Language: Belarus
Country: Belarus
Keywords: Russian language, Alexander Lukashenko
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Regnum
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