Disinfo: Belarus opposition wants to get rid of the Russian language


It is important to review the documents and papers issued by the opposition (in Belarus), one of these papers provoked very wide reactions and a huge controversy, in Belarus and in Russia. A detailed programme that deals with all aspects of life in Belarus, economically, politically, militarily, sociologically and culturally.

This document calls for the complete destruction of everything related to Russia, economically, culturally and linguistically. The undermining and destruction of the union state system that brings the two countries together, the exit of Belarus from all the integrative agreements that have been built over decades with Russia, the abolition of the Russian language, the abolition of the Russian media, the criminalisation of insulting the Belarusian language.


Recurring disinformation about Belarus and attempts to disrupt Belarusian-Russian relations

The call to revise the documents comes from televised remarks made by the Belarusian leader Alyaksandr Lukashenka during a meeting with his security council, claiming that the opposition council intended to initiate a “creeping” process of banning the Russian language, among other baseless allegations.

Lukashenka’s description of the opposition’s programme, however, had no factual basis since the council has so far set no policy agenda other than calling for the president to step down and to allow a new election. 

Furthermore, the Belarusian opposition Coordination Council advocates friendly relations with all countries, including Russia. Pavel Latushka, a member of the same council was quoted as saying: "It is pragmatic and trivial to have the best relations with Russia."

Read earlier disinformation cases alleging that the West is helping to destabilise the situation in Belarus before the election, that US agents attempt to overthrow Lukashenka along with the Ukrainian scenario, that the West dreams of tearing Belarus apart from Russia and to organise a Ukraine-like scenario, and that pro-Western Belarusian opposition prepares a revolution with the assistance of armed Ukrainian nationalists.


  • Reported in: Issue 208
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 18/08/2020
  • Language/target audience: Arabic
  • Country: Russia, Belarus
  • Keywords: Conspiracy theory, Repression, Union State of Belarus and Russia, Anti-Russian, Russian language, Alexander Lukashenko, Elections, Conspiracy


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US spent $5 billion on the Ukrainian Maidan in 2014

When the Maidan was taking place in Ukraine, the American leadership itself admitted that $5 billion was spent specifically on the Maidan.


This is a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative alleging that Ukraine has been under external control since the 2013-14 Euromaidan revolution.

In the Russian media's statement about the "financing of the Euromaidan" by US politicians, they refer to the statement of the former Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland at the end of 2013, in the midst of the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine. She said that the United States has invested $5 billion over 20 years to develop democratic processes and reforms in Ukraine. The diplomat said that this was the total amount of assistance that Washington has allocated to Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. 

Despite support of Western curators, the Belarusian Maidan stalled, just like Hitler after Smolensk

Maidans are planned well in advance, their participants get to know the strategy many months before the action. Western curators actively pushed Maidan for escalation. The Belarusian opposition did not have enough resources and had to take a pause. Now, just as Hitler after the Smolensk battle, the opposition goes through restructuring and preparation for the second stage of Blitzkrieg. It remains to be seen if the Belarusian Maidan was prepared as a Blitzkrieg or has an alternative plan for a protracted war against Belarusian regime.


This publication promotes recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Western attempts to stage a colour revolution in Belarus and builds an absurd comparison of protests in Belarus with Hitler's actions against the USSR. The accusation of Nazism/ Fascism and building a link to Nazi Germany is one of recurring techniques of pro-Kremlin outlets, read our past analysis Nazi east, Nazi west, Nazi over the cuckoo's nest.

There is absolutely no proof of any Western involvement in the widespread protests in Belarus. Hundreds of thousands of Belarusians have been protesting against a massive vote-rigging and police violence since 9 August 2020. On 16 August 2020 Belarus witnessed the largest rallies in the city of Minsk and dozens smaller towns and localities in its history.

Thousands of foreign militants assist pro-Poland opposition in Belarus

It is clear that Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s warnings about foreign militants were not empty words. A few thousand militants from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic states, many times more than Lukashenka thought, apparently came to Belarus. Many Russian media along with Ukrainian and opposition Belarusian media support militants just as tasked by the Western curators. Some people saw that unknown people were paying citizens for participation in unrest.

The heads of Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia as puppet states advocate for the plan on how to resolve Belarus’s crisis, which does not correspond to the national interests of the Belarusian people. Petro Poroshenko, who seized power in Ukraine after a coup and organised a civil war, calls upon Lukashenka to negotiate with the organisers of unrest. The situation is developing in lines with the Ukrainian scenario, including the destruction of the Union State and the creation of an anti-Russian alliance.

Simultaneously the West organises protest actions in Russia. Anglo-Saxons have 300-years-long colonial experience. They know how to bribe local authorities, to manipulate public opinion, to organise unrest, etc. Belarusian opposition can lead the people to colonial dependence, a collapse of the national economy, and impoverishment of the population. The pro-Poland political grouping wants to establish an EU- and US-supported anti-Russian dictatorship and terror just as in Ukraine.


This is a mixture of recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about Western attempts to stage a colour revolution in Belarus, West's and Anglo-Saxons' aggressive actions towards Belarus and Russia, Poland and the Baltic countries as puppet states, and a coup d'etat in Ukraine in 2014. It also seriously misinterprets intentions of the Belarusian opposition and puts forward fake allegations about thousands of foreign militants in Belarus.

There is absolutely no proof of any Western or Ukrainian involvement and presence of 'militants' either among Belarusian or foreign citizens in the widespread protests in Belarus. Hundreds of thousands of Belarusians have been protesting against a massive vote-rigging and police violence since 9 August 2020. On 16 August 2020 Belarus witnessed the largest rallies in the city of Minsk and dozens smaller towns and localities in its history. Neither Belarusian, Ukrainian or Russian media are subservient to 'Western curators' as alleged. The claim about payments to protesters is also groundless and not supported by any evidence.