DISINFO: Belarusian radicals have training camps in Vitebsk and Mogilev regions
  • Outlet: Rossia 24 (archived)*
  • Date of publication: August 02, 2020
  • Outlet language(s): Russian
  • Reported in: Issue 207
  • Countries / regions discussed: Belarus
Protest Secret services

DISINFO: Belarusian radicals have training camps in Vitebsk and Mogilev regions


Vitebsk and Mogilev regions in Belarus are full of Belarusian radicals, activists of Belarusian national [popular] front. They have established training camps there – this information is correct 100% – with the knowledge of secret services. It is the same as it happened with training camps of the Right Sector [in Ukraine]. […] What is happening in Vitebsk and Mogilev regions is very dangerous because groups, not unlike the Right Sector train there, and when necessary can join the protests.


Conspiracy theory, aiming to discredit popular protests in Belarus. Belarusian popular front is the oldest opposition party in Belarus. There is no evidence available to claim that it has established training camps, more so with the help of Belarusian secret services. The pro-Kremlin media has previously suggested that Belarusian radicals are trained in Polish and Baltic training camps, that militants trained in Ukraine were sent to Belarus in 2017.


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