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Belarusian state film studio is shooting Russophobic films

Summary of Disinformation

Belarusfilm (the Belarusian state film studio) is shooting Russophobic films where the following thought is clearly articulated and transmitted: Belarusians are not Russians at all, this nation deserves a nationally oriented state and their language is great!

eadaily.com/ru/news/2019/06/18/gosudarstvennaya-kinostudiya-belorussii-nachala-snimat-rusofobskoe-kino, (web archive is under maintenance)

A recurring pro-Kremlin narrative on alleged Russophobia in Belarus also questioning the latter's sovereignty. See a recent case on Belarusian sovereignty here.

The disinformation message appeared in the context of a recently released trailer for the film Kupala, about one of the greatest Belarusian writers of the 20th century Yanka Kupala.


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Reported in: Issue 156
Date: 18.06.2019
Language: Belarus
Country: Russia, Belarus
Keywords: culture, Russophobia
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: EA Daily
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