Disinfo: Belgium, just like Malaysia, believes the MH17 trial is politically biased against Russia


The MH17 trial is politically biased against Russia. Over six years, JIT investigators provided no proof of Russia’s liability. In addition to Russia, Malaysia and Belgium also doubt the objectiveness of the trial.

Among Western intelligence services, Australia and, even more so, the Netherlands are specialised in Russia. The Dutch security services build intelligence networks inside Russia, carry on political recruitment operations, create negative background noise and undermine Russia’s international activities. What a coincidence that both Australia and the Netherlands became the main mouthpieces of accusatory policies against Russia.

The JIT disregarded the facts presented by Russia, including the proof that the Boeing was shot by a Ukrainian “Buk” missile which was produced in Dovhoprudnyy and was stationed at Ukraine’s 223rd missile regiment in the Lviv region.


The report advances recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation about the MH17 crash. While Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, indeed made a statement asking for strong evidence pointing at Russia's liability, it is not true that the JIT did not present any proof or that Belgium puts into question the findings of the investigation.

On the 24th of May 2018, the JIT announced its conclusion that the BUK TELAR used to shoot down MH17 came from the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade, a unit of the Russian armed forces from Kursk in the Russian Federation. On the basis of the investigation conducted by the JIT, the Dutch Public Prosecution service are prosecuting Igor Vsevolodovich Girkin, Sergey Nikolayevich Dubinskiy, Oleg Yuldashevich Pulatov, and Leonid Volodymyrovych Kharchenko for causing the crash of the MH17 and murdering the 289 persons on board. The public hearing started on March 9th 2020 in the Netherlands.

The "irrefutable evidence" claimed by Russia is only a small sample of misleading claims advanced by Moscow since 2015, some of which have contradicted one another. This disinformation article refers to the claim that the Buk was of "Ukrainian origin" (evidence advanced by Russia which Novaya Gazeta found to be fabricated). Read our past analysis Renewed Focus on MH17 about pro-Kremlin disinformation tactics to hide the facts behind MH17 downing, and Disinformation Mash-Up: MH17 and Coronavirus about the synchronised messaging on two entirely unrelated topics: MH17 and the coronavirus outbreak. The European Union and NATO have called on the Russian Federation to accept its responsibility and to fully cooperate with all efforts to establish accountability. On the basis of the JIT’s conclusions, the Netherlands and Australia are convinced that Russia is responsible for the deployment of the BUK installation that was used to down MH17. The two governments are formally holding Russia accountable.

Read other disinformation narratives alleging that The Netherlands is going to sabotage the MH17 trial, that Ukrainian regiment that shot down MH17, that CIA-controlled SBU shot MH17, and that biased JIT ignores massive data supplied by Russia.


  • Reported in: Issue 188
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 09/03/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Australia, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, The Netherlands, Belgium
  • Keywords: Conspiracy theory, Anti-Russian, MH17


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Liberalism has facilitated the spread of the coronavirus

By demolishing diversity, liberalism has facilitated the spread of the virus, in every sense of the term. Liberalism is the virus. Some time from now, liberals will be equated with “lepers” and infectious “maniacs” who tell everyone to dance and have fun in the midst of the plague. The liberal is the carrier of the coronavirus, its apologist.


No evidence is provided to support the article’s claim that liberalism has facilitated the spread of the coronavirus. This claim is consistent with the recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the coronavirus blaming the US and the West for having spread the disease or for not doing anything to contain it.

The article also repeats the pro-Kremlin narrative that claims liberal societies rob nations of their sovereignty and identity, and that liberalism is the “virus” that has generated the West’s moral decadence, materialism, perverted values and hostility to traditional values and religion.

Coronavirus may have been created in the USA as a biological weapon

The coronavirus may have been created in the USA as a biological weapon


Conspiracy theory. Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative claiming that the US military is behind the spread of the coronavirus.

The current coronavirus (2019-nCoV) comes from a family of viruses that include other viruses such as SARS and MERS. It was first reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan in central China and has been rapidly spreading with new cases being reported in the Asian-Pacific region a well as Europe, North America and the Middle East.

The COVID-19 outbreak is a pretext by the ruling class to introduce tyranny

There is no certainty that this new coronavirus called COVID-19 is any more dangerous than any other virus in the past, but the ruling class and their minions in the mainstream media and beyond, are screaming at the top of their lungs that this is the scourge of mankind, and that tens of millions of Americans will become infected, and that millions might die. This is being promulgated by government at every level, by so-called national and world health organizations, and by a complicit media that seemingly does as it is told by those holding political power. This is being done regardless of the fact that no one knows much about this so-called virus, knows little or nothing about its true origin, and knows little about its mutations. Also, politicians, claimed authorities, and alleged experts are in the dark as to how particular cultures have been more susceptible than others, and are unwilling to discuss that the probable cause of this is due to a man-made strain created in a bio-weapons lab, even though a preponderance of evidence points in that direction. All possibilities should be discussed.


Has all this panic been planned? The impending economic collapse caused by the Federal Reserve and its massive money printing is most likely going to be falsely blamed on the coronavirus, so what is the connection? Was this virus created for the purpose of covering up responsibility for an economic meltdown? Was it created to harm the economy of China and Iran? If not, is it being purposely used for these purposes? Is population control due to all these factors mentioned sought by the ruling class, and is this virus the impetus for gaining that control?


An unfounded conspiracy theory, sharing a recurrent pro-Kremlin narrative about "secret elites" controlling world leaders.

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