Disinfo: Berezovsky more useful to the British intelligence services dead than alive


Berezovsky, a fugitive Russian oligarch, was once an irreconcilable enemy of Putin who rethought a lot of things by the end of his life. Berezovsky lived in the UK but wanted to come home to Russia. His fatal mistake was that he began to talk about this to other people. It is then quite understandable why a dead Berezovsky became more useful to the British intelligence services. Berezovsky knew too much about them. The oligarch was found dead in his home in England. The death of Berezovsky could have been a cover-up by the UK security services.


No evidence given. Some investigative journalists have suggested that the death of Berezovsky was ordered by the Kremlin  www.buzzfeed.com/heidiblake/from-russia-with-blood-14-suspected-hits-on-british-soil?utm_term=.iaqp20kkV#.dmx14JRRy,


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  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 08/07/2018
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  • Country: UK, Russia
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Ukraine can get financial assistance from Europe in exchange for the placement of migrants

The EU and Ukraine are negotiating the deployment of migrants from Syria and Africa in Ukraine.


This is not the first time that information of this nature appears on the pages of propaganda publications. StopFake previously exposed the myths that " Ukraine will take 20 thousand refugees instead of Germany " and that it will " open refugee camps for Syria ."

This time, the media refers to the statement of the MP from the faction "Radical Party of Ukraine" Igor Mosiychuk, who claims that the EU offers Ukraine to place camps for refugees in the country in exchange for financial assistance. At the same time, Mosychuk did not provide any specific evidence, saying that the information is "reliable." Further debunking by Stopfake www.stopfake.org/fejk-ukraina-mozhet-poluchit-ot-evropy-finansovuyu-pomoshh-v-obmen-na-razmeshhenie-migrantov/,

The success of the World Cup in Russia prompted the Amesbury poisoning by UK

The World Cup, which is being held so successfully in Russia, was too hard to swallow for London and they needed one more poisoned couple in order to hint that Moscow is to blame yet again. Of course, the infamous Porton Down laboratory found Novichok once again. However, they somewhat carelessly forgot to warn the doctors in the local hospital what to say to the press and they told the public that no traces of nerve agents had been found on the couple.


The UK Home Secretary has delivered a speech to the House of Commons providing an update on the Amesbury incident. "It is now time that the Russian state comes forward and explains exactly what has gone on so that the most appropriate course of action can be taken. Let me be clear, we do not have a quarrel with the Russian people. Rather, it is the actions of the Russian government that continue to undermine our security and that of the international community". Full statement here.

On 4 July paramedics were called twice to a flat in Amesbury not far from Salisbury. Scientists at the UK's military research lab, Porton Down, found the couple had been exposed to the same nerve agent as the Skripals, Novichok. One of the victims passed away on 9 July.

Ukraine can be removed from the Olympics

The national team of Ukraine in weightlifting can be removed from participation in the Olympic Games – 2020 in Tokyo because of three positive doping tests of representatives of the country.


The disinformation comes from Zvezda, the official channel of the Russian Ministry of Defence and a notorious disinformation channel. The article does note that also Russian weightlifters may be suspended. On the website of the International Federation of Weightlifting a list of athletes who were suspended from participation in competitions due to doping was published. It mentions two Ukrainian weightlifters, and it's not about the national team as a whole. www.iwf.net/anti-doping/sanctions/,