Disinfo: Bill Gates is reducing and microchipping world’s population through vaccination


Almost the entire world is under the attack by forces building a global state. The WHO has a special “mission” in this process. According to 2019 data, 32% of the WHO’s financial resources are provided by the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”. If they stop funding, the WHO will have big problems and may even close. The influence of Bill Gates on the activities of the WHO is huge. We can say that the real head of the WHO is Gates. And as it is known, Gates like a maniac, for 15 years has been engaged in reducing and microchipping the world’s population through vaccinations.


Conspiracy theory, with no evidence provided to support the claim. This is a mix of a long-established conspiracy theory about a Shadow Government of all-powerful groups ruling the world (a formulation that aims to question the legitimacy of democracy and Western institutions) with bogus narratives against billionaire Bill Gates and attacking vaccination programmes.

Bill Gates, the Microsoft co-founder, philanthropist, became a frequent target of conspiracy theory followers and is being accused of sponsoring and creating coronavirus, for aspiring to reduce the population and poison it with vaccines or implanting microchips to control the people. In reality, Gates has mentioned health certificates in a discussion but this has nothing to do with alleged microchips. Later, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation told Reuters, “The reference to ‘digital certificates’ relates to efforts to create an open-source digital platform with the goal of expanding access to safe, home-based testing."

Concerning the WHO funds. WHO gets funds from co-sponsors, governments/member states, foundations, agencies etc. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the many organisations funding WHO programmes. In 2018-2019, the foundation's contribution to WHO represented 9,76% of the financial flow.

More cases about Bill Gates can be found here.


  • Reported in: Issue 196
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 21/04/2020
  • Language/target audience: Armenian
  • Country: US
  • Keywords: vaccination, Bill Gates, Deep state, WHO, Conspiracy


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US biolabs in Ukraine connected to the spread of COVID-19

The spread of the coronavirus led to renewed interest in the forgotten US biolabs around the world. In 2005, the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and the United States Department of Defense signed a highly suspicious agreement about the prevention of proliferation of experience that could be used in the development of weapons of mass destruction. The location of the biolabs connected to this partnership corresponds to the epicentres of the coronavirus in Ukraine. However, the questionable terms of the agreement prevent Ukrainian President Zelenskyy from releasing any information. According to the terms, Ukraine must not release any information marked by the US as “sensitive” while the United States must be able to obtain any information marked by Ukraine as “state secret”.


A recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about the development of biological weapons by the United States amid the coronavirus pandemic. The conspiracy about US biolabs in countries bordering Russia aiming to attack Moscow or spread infectious diseases is a part of a years-long disinformation campaign led by the Kremlin.

This article is based on the creation of simulation evidence which uses authentic documents but deliberately misinterprets them in order to create an illusion that the documents support the conspiracy. This practice is well-documented in relation to other conspiracy theories about biolabs such as the Lugar Laboratory in Georgia.

NATO does not care about Montenegro amid COVID-19 pandemic

Montenegro requested aid in the form of medical equipment from NATO and the only response it received was an offer for help from the Netherlands. When asked if Montenegro should expect anything else other than the Netherlands’ offer, NATO’s Secretary-General claimed that the alliance already helped the Balkan country. It is clear that NATO is ignoring Montenegro and it is unable to respond to the request for aid.


A recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about the failure of the West to respond to the coronavirus thereby abandoning its allies and partners.

NATO’s Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRC), which received Montenegro’s request for aid on 27 March, is a body set up to “[coordinate] requests for and offers of international assistance from NATO Allies and partner countries.” The Netherlands’ offer to respond to the aid request was, therefore, a part of the NATO mechanism. The first delivery of medical equipment from the Netherlands was transported to Montenegro on 22 April, and a second delivery is expected to be organised in May. Euractiv, an expert and fact-based media network, clarified that “the EADRC is meant to keep track of the assistance offered and accepted by members and partners.”

Freemasons began secretly chipping Ukrainians

The process of ‘chipisation’ (inserting microchips under the skin) of the population has started in Ukraine. Ukrainians will be ‘chipped’ by the American organisation Rotary International, associated with the Freemasons.


Another conspiracy theory about immunisation and vaccination of humanity. Hinting at the existence of secret societies of freemasons ruling the world from behind the curtains is a frequent method used by pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets, to sow distrust in national authorities and state bodies.

Information about the 'chipping' of Ukrainians appeared on a personal page on the social network of a Ukrainian dentist. In his post, he ironically writes for fans of conspiracy theory, writing a clearly comic post about 'biochipisation' of the population. This sarcastic post was picked up and reported in all seriousness by some journalists.