Disinfo: Boris Johnson always does whatever the US wants him to do


US president Trump always uses the hands-on approach, as he has recently travelled to Britain to oversea [sic!] the replacement of the lame duck Theresa May with the new favorite – Boris Johnson. The latter is a natural born showman all right, but the best part about him is that he does whatever the US wants him to do long before any whip needs to be cracked.


Conspiracy theory, presented without evidence, suggesting UK dependence of Washington. Similar cases can be found here.

The trope of "Lost Sovereignty" is a recurring narrative in pro-Kremlin disinformation.


  • Reported in: Issue 155
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 22/06/2019
  • Language/target audience: English
  • Country: UK, US
  • Keywords: Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Sovereignty
  • Outlet: New Eastern Outlook
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NATO exploits non-existent “Russian threat” to increase its presence close to Russian borders

NATO is aware that Russia has no intention of attacking anyone, but it is exploiting rhetoric about a non-existent “Russian threat” in order to increase NATO’s presence close to Russia’s borders.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about the “Russian threat” as a false idea created and spread by NATO and the US and NATO encircling Russia.

Since the Ukraine crisis, NATO has been genuinely concerned about the security challenges posed by Russia to Transatlantic security.

The JIT ignored evidence supplied by Russia in MH17 probe

The Joint Investigation Team has recently accused three Russian nationals of responsibility for the MH17 disaster, after years of ignoring hard facts and figures provided by Russian officials.

All the evidence supplied by Moscow, including military paperwork, radar readings, and field experiments, point to Russia’s non-involvement in the tragedy.

At the 19 June JIT press briefing, the Dutch prosecutor was forced to admit that Russia had, in fact, provided the investigators with information relating to the incident, proving that the BUK missile belonged to the Ukrainian Army and providing relevant radar data. However, the information was not taken into account.


The report advances the recurring pro-Kremlin narrative on the MH17 crash.

The evidence cited, namely radar data and the "field experiment" conducted by the Russian military company Almaz-Antey, is only a small sample of meaningless and contradictory claims advanced by Moscow since 2015, some of which have contradicted one another. See our debunking of these claims here, here, and here.

The US has prepared a massive group of protesters to participate in protests in Georgia

The US has prepared a massive group of protesters to participate in protests in Georgia. After receiving particular instructions, a group of 10.000 persons will launch massive raids and capture the state. The US, through its Embassy and pro-American civil society organisations, will provide the necessary financial resources.


No proof is given. Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative that the US carries out destabilising activity all over the world. Consistent with multiple pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about the US and its global role.