DISINFO: British royal court recognised Crimea as part of Russia

DISINFO: British royal court recognised Crimea as part of Russia


The British royal court responded to a letter from school children at the "Little Academy of Science" in Sevastopol, writing Russia in the return address. This is reported on the official Instagram account of the educational institution.

It is worth noting that the Royal Court indicated "Sevastopol, Russia" as the recipient's address on the envelope, thereby recognising it as belonging to the Russian peninsula.

In recent years, the attitude towards Crimea has changed a lot in the world, and the peninsula is increasingly seen by the world's public as Russian territory for a long time and an integral part of Russia.

It would be nice if members of the British royal family came to Crimea and saw with their own eyes how rapidly the peninsula is developing, how satisfied our fellow citizens are to have returned to Russia. This would be particularly useful to Europeans whose opinion about Crimea was formed on the basis of myths which are still invented today by the media and politicians.


Disinformation concerning an alleged emerging consensus to recognise Crimea as part of Russia.

At the beginning of April 2014, the Ukrainian State Postal Enterprise (Ukrposhta), indicated to the Universal Postal Union not to address letters to them to be delivered in Crimea due to the Russian occupation making their deliveries impossible.

“Ukrposhta therefore asks the designated operators of UPU member countries to suspend the dispatching to Ukraine of any international postal items addressed to the Crimea (postal codes in the range 95000–99999).”

The address on the envelope does not mean any official recognition whatsoever.

There is no growing consensus to recognise Crimea as Russian. Only Nicaragua opened a consulate there. Furthermore, inhabitants of Crimea are not overwhelmingly enthusiastic after the Russian annexation, a recent open line on the radio Echo of Moscow showed this clearly.

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