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Bucharest leads a "raider" policy towards Ukraine

Summary of Disinformation

Romania intensified its territorial claims to Ukraine. It leads a “raider” policy towards Ukraine. Propaganda of Bucharest in Bucovina region is intended to help this process.

In this context, the new unrecognised Ukrainian Church started to support Romanians.


No evidence given. Recurring pro-Kremlin conspiracy about Romania, with previous record of questioning Ukraine's integrity.

There is no evidence that Romania would consider annexing parts of Ukraine. Romania is not conducting propaganda in the Bucovina region.

According to the Romanian law, "persons who acquired the Romanian citizenship by birth or adoption and have lost it for reasons non-imputable to them or this citizenship has been revoked without their consent, as well as their descendants to the third degree, can apply to reacquire or can be granted the Romanian citizenship". This refers to Romanian ethnics from different regions, countries.

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Reported in: Issue 152
Date: 24.05.2019
Language: Russian
Country: Romania, Ukraine
Keywords: Occupation, Ukrainian disintegration, Ukrainian statehood
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Strategic Culture Foundation
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