Disinfo: Bulgarian sooth-sayer Baba Vanga predicted when the pandemic will end


The coronavirus epidemic is gaining momentum, affecting more and more people. But Vanga did predict that. The Bulgarian sooth-sayer called not to give in to panic.

“One day this world will end, but not anytime soon. Don’t be afraid! Live in harmony and help each other. To live in fear is not living at all!” 

She also reminded that Man cannot change what has been planned “in heaven”, and suggested that all should pray to god:

“Humankind will be saved when all people turn to God in prayer. When all people become better, when they start help each other and stop competing and profiting on each other”

Earlier it became known that Vanga predicted the invention of a cure against the coronavirus in Russia. Russian doctors will, according to her prophesy, produce a cure out of cedar wood.


This is part of pro-Kremlin media, spreading systematic disinformation and confusion about the coronavirus. See a similar case about a "prediction" made by Nostradamus here. Global epidemics have spread occasionally in all of human history, with or without the "predictions" of soothsayers.


  • Reported in: Issue 190
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 29/03/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Bulgaria, Russia
  • Keywords: coronavirus


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EU refused to help Italy deal with coronavirus

The EU clearly underestimated the virus, blaming the outbreak in Italy on its national healthcare system flaws. As a result, Brussels, which preaches pan-European solidarity, failed to act when this solidarity was needed in the face of a crisis that eventually affected the entire bloc.

For lack of assistance from the EU or other member states, Italy was forced to seek help from others, including Russia and China.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative aiming to discredit the EU response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Brussels never suggested that the Italian authorities are to blame for the exponential outbreak of COVID-19 in the country. On the contrary, a top EU health official has said that the outbreak "could have happened anywhere [else in the EU]"; whereas the Executive Vice-President of the European Commission has praised the Italian government "for the very courageous measures" it has taken to contain the pandemic.

US sanctions contribute to coronavirus pandemic

US sanctions against Russia and Iran contribute to the spread of coronavirus and create a humanitarian catastrophe. Coronavirus deaths are on the US’ conscience.


Another pro-Kremlin narrative, which is not supported by facts.

In a statement issued on March 23, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that such "fabrications" put Iranians and people around the world at greater risk. He also reiterated that US sanctions did not target imports of food, medicine, or other humanitarian goods.

Liberal feminist war-mongers are useful for those who rule the world

Western capitalism seeks destruction and chaos in order to ensure its monopoly, and maintain unipolarity. The world must remain a poor, captive market for the western financial powers. Instability and destruction are essential for making it happen, and women with a pathological longing to unleash such suffering can be quite useful to serve these foreign policy objectives.

But who have been the major opponents of these efforts by western leaders? Strongmen. Populists. Figures like Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Nicolas Maduro, and Ali Seyyed Khamenei. Men who exude strength and kind of fatherly wisdom and authority.

Not surprisingly, Kamala Harris loves to rail against Putin from the Senate floor, and accuse Trump of being “soft on dictators.” Amy Klobuchar and Samantha Power also see fighting anti-imperialist leaders who preside over independent economies as one of their primary foreign policy goals. This makes perfect sense when looking into their personal histories. These are women scorned by abusive fathers, grow to prosecutors, politicians, “feminists” seeking to unleash hells fury against anti-imperialist leaders deemed to be “patriarchal.”

This psychological profile of a prosecutor politician, a narcissistic woman with a traumatic past, who seeks revenge and destruction; a liberal feminist war-monger with “daddy issues” seems to be very key in understanding a number of the women emerging in power and popularity among the US political elite.

Their underlying motivations are driven by deep inner pain and are quite useful for those who rule the world.


An unfounded conspiracy theory and a recurring pro-Kremlin narrative aimed at discrediting female opinion makers.

See related pro-Kremlin disinformation cases alleging that post-modern feminism in the West is leading to a total destruction of men; and that Europe brings totalitarian feminism to Belarus to destroy social values.